On May 28, 2021, “2021 China Cross-Border E-Commerce 3C Accessories Selection Conference” jointly hosted by charging head network and I assains in China. The precision positioning of the summit, helping the merchants and supply chains, and service providers reach tens of millions of intentions purchase orders.
2021 China Cross-border E-Commercial 3C Accessories Selection Conference has become one of China’s 3C cross-border electric commodity professionals, and many cross-border e-commerce practitioners are more planning this summit as annual Important itinerary.
The summit consists of two parts: seminar and selection. The selection will invite nearly 100 audio and charging quality suppliers, logistics, service providers, providing nearly a thousand new products for sellers, to create a sea brand to cross-border e-commerce companies, improve product influence, and provide all-round Explosive support.
The seminar will invite cross-border e-commerce industry for more than ten big coffa to carry out the sea experience, cover, cover the brand, service skills, overseas marketing, explosive products, warehousing logistics, etc.
The 2021 China Cross-border E-Commerce 3C Accessories Selection Conference has been present to 21 weight guests. The guests came from Amazon, Alibaba International Station, eBay, Indiegogo, Hanke Electronics, Alibaba Global Easel, Graffiti Intelligence, Nai micro-semiconductor, Lazada cross-border, antique technology, Huakai students, Pengyuan, Wu Pin Technology, Maosu Power, Zhifu New Energy, Ruixiang Electronics, Delihua, Hai Lu Tong, Today, Sanyi Technology, Sincere Yue Electronics.
The following is this exhibition guest speech PPT acquisition path:
1, Indiegogo: “From overseas people to global distribution”
Extraction code: U6VB
2, AliExpress: “Brand Digital Integrated Solution”
Extract: Keab
3, Lazada Group: “Lazada Southeast Asia 3C Digital Audio & Charging Market Trend Sharing”
Extraction code: RMGK
4, Gu Shi Technology: “Gu Shi Technology – Charging Head Explosive Recommendation”
Extraction code: c7kf
5, Huakai: “HKS new product release and PD power expert”
Extraction code: i45c
6, Peng Yuanzhen: “Separate magnetic product @PD fast charge new product release”
Extraction code: 3kra
7, Maosu Power: “Maosu Power Company introduction and new product release”
Extraction code: quke
8, Zhixian new energy: “MP2000 new product conference”
Extraction code: 22DC
9, Ruiheng Electronics: “Ruiheng Electronics – Domestic Nitride Charger Pilot Pilot”
Extraction code: Hukf
10. Delihua “ODM manufacturers design how to meet the needs of e-commerce products”
Extract: ESZ5
11, Hai Lu Tong: “Haili Jingyi Manufacturing, Working with Partners, Creating a better future”
Extraction code: 7Y3A
12, today Xiang: “Ten years of casting a sword, focusing on boutique”
Extraction code: VMGV
13, Sanyi Technology: “Wire Process Design under the Fast Chargement Edition”
Extraction code: 2FQF
14, Cheng Yue Electronics: “Smart Quantitative” Small Square “Growth Series”
Extraction code: FM3R
On July 30th, 2021 The third-generation semiconductor fast charge industry summit will be held in Shenzhen. At that time, there will be a number of gallium oxide, silicon carbide fast-charged chip origin and fast charge industry chain supporting enterprises to attend, and discuss the third generation. New trend of semiconductor fast charge development.