With more and more e-commerce platforms expanded to the Southeast Asian market, Southeast Asia is gradually become a new battlefield for e-commerce giants, and competition will become more fierce, and Lazada has undoubtedly become one of the sellers’ key Nuggets.
First, how to settle in the Lazada platform?
Creating an account and first registering is the first step in selling products on Lazada. But it must be a registered company rather than an individual. And the seller must reach the following criteria:
Have a business license, corporate Alipay;
Register an email ID and phone number;
Alternate (legal person handheld business license, legal person ID card);
Requires the Payongeer card (referred to as a P card), and must register the P card in a corporate form. The second email received in Lazada will have a C card registered channel;
The platform has certain requirements for the product, such as electronic communication equipment, drugs, weapons, etc., and for sale, and for sale include: liquid products, sex products, food, medicines, etc.
Exclusive Green Pass: Exclusive Setting:
Second, Lazada Background Login URL (1) Site ASC Seller Center Background Malay: Thailand: Indonesia: Singapore: Philippines: Vietnam: (2) Lazada front desk URL
Malay: Thailand: Indonesia: Singapore: Philippines: Vietnam:
(3) Seller Center App / Download Android System Users Go to GooglePlay (Google App Store) download, but you need to use VPN; iOS system users can download;
Third, Lazada Basic Terminology Interpretation
(1) Six countries referred to as
(2) GSP & ASC
GSP = GlobalSellingPlatform is the six-in-one seller background, the entrance is: ManageglobalProducts and AddGlobalProducts, here you can manage, upload products in six countries;
ASC = Alibabasellercenter, that is, the seller of all countries, the entrance is: except for the other entrances of GSPs are the ASC portal;
The format of Shortcode is a national abbreviation + number and alphabetic combination, each Shortcode is unique in the Lazada platform, knowing the Shortcode to learn this shop and corresponding countries.
View six countries in GSP Open GSP Click ManageglobalProducts → Click the Shop Name → Click Profile to see the Shortcode of this store in this shop.
View single SHORTCODE in ASC Open ASC Click on the top left corner to enter the ASC Home → Click the store name → Click Profile under the SELLERACCOUNT page, “IDSELLER” after the “iDSeller”, is a store of this store.
(4) RetailPrice & Saleprice
The original price is required. All price units are local currencies, and the products exceeding the price range / discount range will be frozen or reviewed, and the discount ratio cannot exceed 80%, and the pricing must be between 1 and 1500 usd. (5) SELLERSKU
Sellersku in the same store is unique, the SELLERSKU that has been used can not be used again, even if it has been deleted, it cannot be used again.
In ASC → ManageProducts → Actions → EditDetails Open the product details page to pull to the bottom, Shopsku, this string is lazadasku.