Original title: Amazon will then turn down, and Treading is also suffering? 54 stores are sealed! ! !
God Tuo Science and Technology Master Huading Shares released a “announcement on the company’s major matters” announcement: Since the middle and late July, Yiwu Huading Nylon Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Tongdong Technology Co., Ltd. The store involved was suspended by Amazon, and the funds were frozen. After verification, the reasons may be in the wrong comments of some of the goods, suspected of violating the rules of the Amazon platform. As of the date of this announcement, Tonguang Technology was banned to close the store with a total of 54, suspected of freezing the funds of 41.43 million yuan, accounting for 4.27% of the company’s 2020 year money funds. Huading Shares said in the announcement, in response to the above-mentioned cross-border e-commerce industry, Pioneering Technology has filed a complaint to the Amazon platform, and striving to resume the store sales as soon as possible, and the funds are freeze, and professional lawyers will be prepared for arbitration. At the same time, increase sales of eBay, Wal-Mart, AliExpress, Lazada and other e-commerce platforms, increase the investment of Tongtuo Science and Technology self-operated website, and actively expand the European US offline physical store channel.
According to the announcement, Amazon is the largest third-party sales platform of Tonguang Technology. The sales of the above-mentioned affected stores accounted for 18% of the total sales of Tonguang Technology from January to June 2021, which will develop the development of cross-border e-commerce business this year. A certain degree of adverse effects. The stores and self-operated websites of Tonguang Technology Other platforms have not been affected, and the production and operation of other business sections of the company and subsidiaries are normal.
Xiaobian learned that Tongxian Technology was formally established in 2004, and many years of developed countries in Europe and America have covered 3C electronics, photographs, beauty clothing and other categories. Although in recent years, Treading Technology is very low-key, but as four parts of South China, there is still a non-movable position in the cross-border circle. At the moment, there are many shops in Tonguang Technology have been sealed, and another industry has been hit hard, which also confirmed the efforts of Amazon to fight violations. Once you touch the bottom line of Amazon, no one can escape after the autumn!
If you come back, some big sale brush, the return, the abuse of Vendor permissions, unlimited pragmatic, steering PPC, etc. Too many campaign, regard the user terms as an anonymous.
Although the black technology is cool, but the heavy boxing is directly crematorium. The small and medium-sized seller is old and old, and there is a major appeal. If the family is a family member, it is going to have a hammer.
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