In the face of the new market market of 650 million people in Southeast Asia, many friends consultation says that Lazada enters, and then gives you a lazada opening condition analysis.
As the largest e-commerce platform in the Southeast Asian market, Lazada is currently covered by Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand. Southeast Asia’s over 600 million people have strong market outstanding power, will become the new home of the future. And the Lazada platform is critical to the merchants who want to fight the Southeast Asian market. With the popularity of smart phones in Southeast Asia, more and more people are used to socializing and shopping using the Internet, and the Southeast Asian market is a more short-selling area. They have at least 70% of goods imported from foreign countries. This is from China, and China’s goods are also more and more exports to Southeast Asia, no matter from the line. The market can bring a lot of opportunities to the business.
In addition, Lazada platforms and other e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia have a larger difference, and Lazada has more emphasized verticalization, boutique, and industrial belts, hardware tools, and pots including auto and motorcycles are very vertical, platforms regardless of From design or operation, it is very welcome to develop a business in a certain industry. It is very popular with these features in the Southeast Asian market for business itself.
Lazada platform settled
1. Enterprises settled, need to provide mainland business license or Hong Kong BR business license
2. There is a cross-border e-commerce platform experience, which can provide eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. LINK. There are many store products, good sales, high priority
3, the platform needs to fill in the Lazada pre-trial questionnaire to assess the cross-border operation capability of your company for the platform.
Platform monthly rent and commission
1. Sales commission is: classification, 1% -4%, plus 2% payment fee (Vietnam 4% -8%, 3.84% payment fee)
2, no monthly rent or annual rental platform logistics
The seller uses the LGS logistics service provided by the platform (ie the seller sends the order package to the Shenzhen or Yiwu distribution center, shipped by the platform to Southeast Asia)
All in all, the Southeast Asian market is still very worthy of development. If the merchant is interested in this market, welcome to click “Learn more” to register ESG members, quickly settle to the Lazada platform.