Whether it is Lazada or Shopee, the store’s data is optimized in place, and it is necessary to operate to find a way to solve. Doing e-commerce, no data analysis, can’t be considered a good operation.
In the background of business staff, the data of the store can be seen, whether it is optimized for the store, any operation and strategic tactics, it is unable to detach the support of the data.
So how should we use the store’s data to optimize the store? Separately tell you the following points.
Home – Overall Data
Real-time performance: This is the data trend on the day, updated every 2-3 seconds.
Real-time large screen: You can view the daily real-time data performance of the store.
Date: You can choose the date range of important indicators. For example, yesterday, the past week, the past month.
Key indicator: Click on any indicator to view the development trend (up to 5 indicators at a time).
Export: Click on the corresponding data that can download the selected data panel.
The growth trend of new stores keep the store is very important, and you can get a real-time results reference in the data panel, including access to visitors, number of purchases, etc., and the trend of each data, you can know that every day operation optimization can get one good result.
For key indicators, the store’s pre-store is set up a daily deadline, and the export form is used for the day for the day for the period, and it is sorted into a tracking report and subsequently refinement analysis according to the report.
(1) Product aspect
Inventory rate: How many SKUs that can be purchased by customers can be purchased by customers, typically 60%. Browse SKU proportional: The more you better.
Sales SKU is proportional: If the value is, the first is to see the bundle or multi-fold setting of the store, if not, it will be added.
Diagnosis: Analyze the reason for product unity, including unreasonable price, low conversion rate, etc., by analyzing data can be adjusted daily to ensure that the store products are in a better state.
(2) Promotion
Overview of the performance indicators of the seller coupon under the promotion page (up to 3 indicators at a time).
Coupon suggestion: The coupon of the new store is relatively large, and the validity period is relatively shortened, the quantity is not too much, manufacturing urgency, caught the buyer’s greed small and cheap psychology.
How to give the store to drain, promote the product to open a visibility and avoid burning money? Welcome to the comment area, private letter us, remember to pay attention, take you more about it later.