Recently, customers have encountered the situation of Lazada’s local shop products, so I came to consult us, and the results found that because I didn’t engage in platform policies, I accidentally sold relevant categories of sale, in order to solve such problems, we I have organized a list of the ” Lazada sellers to have its own provisions and the list of sales of goods, “to help you better operate the store. According to the regulations, the seller must sell new, legal authorized products or homemade products, can not Sales used products, legal ban products, food, edible health products, unauthorized products (such as any product, counterfeit products that are unauthorized with Disney image, counterfeit products), propaganda violence or racism and incitement hate or violate local religions Products. So, what are the specific ban products regulations in Southeast Asia? Yun Tian Technology specially organized a list of Lazada’s six-site site for sale. In Malaysia Platform Formarholders include: food; edible health products; tobacco And electronic cigarettes; fireworks; fireworks and equipment; Diamonds from the Republic of Côte d’Ivo; piracy and imitation products. For sale in Thailand, the services include: tobacco, electronic cigarette or hooka; weapons; alcohol products; sex products; fake or Limited drugs; hydromatic hydrocarbons; blowing bubbles, bubble gums; possible food containers that may be contaminated; produced from Sierra Leone; plants. For sale in the Philippines platform, products include: adulterated fake food; Fresh shrimps and shrimp; tobacco; weapons (including toy pistols and simulation guns); drugs and equipment for abortion; products containing thin metal (such as gold, silver).
In addition to the above-for-sale products, there are some brands that have been sold exclusively licensed in Lazada site sales, so other sellers cannot be sold. For sale in Indonesian platform, the products include: food, drinks; any medicines; anesthetics and health products; traditional Chinese medicine; explosive dangerous products flammable materials; fireworks; cigarettes; electronic cigarettes are equal to tobacco related products; alcohol and other alcoholic beverages; firearms weapons In Vietnamese platform, the ban products include: illegal drugs, products and illegal drugs; fire, explosive and hazardous chemicals; all types of firearms and ammunition; adults and pornography; cigarettes and related products; counterfeit, piracy or imitation products; game equipment And map. In Singapore platform for sale include: chewing gum, tobacco, electronic cigarette, hooka; weapon; expired or harmful drug; for sale or unsteading health products; indecent adult toys. Pay attention to “Southeast Asian cross-border cloud merchants”, respond to “Lazada + Site + Forning” to get the list of the latest platform for sale. Yun Tian Technology, help cross-border sellers to go to Southeast Asia!