Q1: Lazada account registration Do I need to apply for business Alipay?
A1: Yes, Lazada registration process requires companies Alipay verification, payment of both treasure and enterprise business license registration must be the same.
Q2: Can I review the failure to re-apply
A2: Audit been refused businesses can not only replace the application or registration information
Q3: Why is the time of registration account display InvalidRequest?
A3: Unverified business Alipay, please click AlipayAccountValidation verify business Alipay
Q4: Lazada account registration no companies Alipay how to do?
A4: Please apply to the company Alipay Alipay team, review time is three working days.
Q5: When filling out the information settled, money is fill in RMB or US dollars?
A5: when can only affect upload product currency conversion, depending on the seller.
Q6: sorting center should choose which?
A6: China Yiwu or the body is recommended to choose Shenzhen, depending on the seller.
Q7: Company address and address whether a warehouse for the same?
A7: can be the same.
Q8: Can I modify the name of the shop?
A8: Yes, you can put down after the store application work order changes.
Q9: choosing the wrong category, whether you can modify?
A9: Yes, do not release the product can be improved ticket shop modified after the application down.
Q10: How to choose the category?
A10: Please select the relevant category or major categories based on the actual viewing a category in Lazada reception.
Q11: Vietnam sites do not support binding PayPal account
A11: Yes, Vietnam currently does not support binding Alipay, can only bind P card, account card to apply for P bind.
Q12: How do I know the store has been reviewed by?
A12: receive e-mail and SMS explicit approval of the six countries.
Q13: Mail received only part of the site audit by how to do?
A13: Six-mail or SMS notification may be delayed, you can upload the product to confirm through.
Q14: given that the company name is already in use the system if there is how to do the registration process?
A14: Please use other company information for authentication.
Q15: P card must be a business?
A15: Yes, the card can not be personal P, and both the company and the P card business license registration must be the same.
Q16: business license must do?
A16: Yes, the self-employed can not be registered, the needs of enterprise business license.
Q17: TM brand standard can apply it?
A17: lazada can go to university search add documents, to submit relevant information according to the document step, there will be someone to review whether the brand can enter the library.