On October 13, the Best Group and Changhong’s Changmei International signed a “Southeast Asian Logistics Strategic Cooperation Agreement” in Guangdong, and the two sides reached a consensus on the e-commerce business in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. US International has built a cross-border supply chain system from China to Southeast Asia, providing product full-link logistics services. Figure | Changmei International & Shi Group cooperation, the future Since the product uses overseas warehouse spare models, the local customer can receive the goods quickly after the order is placed on the e-commerce platform. Diagram | Changmei International & Shi Group cooperation Signing on-site signing ceremony, Zhou Yining, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said: “In the context of ‘dual cycling’, the Best continues to invest in talents, funds, automation facilities, system in Southeast Asia. Wait, built a comprehensive cross-border supply chain service system in China and Southeast Asia. We will continue to empower China’s quality brand, help Chinese goods from the sea from Southeast Asia. “Chairman and CEO CEO of the Best Group According to Yang Jin, deputy general manager of Changhong Co., Ltd., Yang Jin, general manager of Changmei International Marketing Headquarters, Changhong entered the Southeast Asian market in 1998. In 2019, he opened the e-commerce transformation. On the basis of Indonesia and Philippines e-commerce business, 2021 Newly established Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam Trade subsidiary, Changhong will continue deep root in Southeast Asian market, strengthen independent brand building, strong cross-border service system and supply chain solution, will help Changhong’s brand internationalization process. Photo | Deputy General Manager of Changhong Co., Ltd., General Manager of Changmei International Marketing Headquarters
It is also known that after the Changmeijin New Matai Yue E-commerce market, it will be sold through the local mainstream e-commerce platform Shopee, Lazada, JD, etc., export products including TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other smart home appliances. Large commodity logistics, in terms of pipeline operation, packaging specification, and loading and unloading, it requires a much higher than small parcel logistics. With its “door-to-door” full-link cross-border logistics mode, the extensive Southeast Asian local express delivery network, combined with overseas warehouse spare model, solved the problem of large logistics in warehousing, transportation, and delivery. As early as in February this year, the Baichen has launched 100 kg in the 100 kg of express delivery business in Thailand, and at the same time online Thai mass cross-border delivery service.
At present, Shi Shi has 29 self-service express distribution centers in Southeast Asia, more than 1,300 sites, and all kinds of wrapping can pass most of the city and rural areas. In the future, the Best will continue to output China’s integrated logistics and supply chain solutions to Southeast Asia, and empower China’s quality brand enters Southeast Asia. Article Source: Tencent.com, China Economic Net, Finance Network, Changhong Meiling International End More information Please scan the code
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