Original title: Billionaire Besos and Tencent jointly invest in Indonesia’s unicorn, betting Southeast Asian e-commerce development
US billionaire Jeff – Besos is through investment only 18 months of Indonesian start-up company ula, bet in the future of Southeast Asian e-commerce.
Through his family office Bezosexpeds, the world’s second largest rich is involved in the $ 87 million B round financing conducted by PROSUSVENTURES, Tencent and B-Capital for this company’s e-commerce company, which is from the company. The financing is raised to 20 million US dollars only eight months.
Besos did not disclose the ULA’s investment, but he is not only the only 200 millionaires interested in Indonesia’s $ 44 billion. Hong Kong Commercial Giants Li Ka-shing’s private investment company Horizonsventures said in May, after witnessing the rapid digitization of the region, it will focus from North America, Europe and Israel to Southeast Asia – especially Indonesia.
According to the joint research of Google, Temasek and Bern, last year, Southeast Asia estimated that there were 40 million people for the first time, so that the total number of Internet users in the area reached approximately 400 million people. Car Manufacturer Tesla’s CEO and Joint Founding Humans also related to new investments in the region, a Indonesian official claiming that Tesla has submitted a proposal to establish new facilities in the country.
Last year, Indonesia President Georco-Victoro personally called Msk, discussed the electric motor industry, and proposed a place in the remote Papua area of ​​Indonesia, as a potential launch site of the Aerospace Spacex of this Technology Tycoon.
Besos founded in Southeast Asia with only limited existence in Southeast Asia, Singapore is the only country with localized online stores.
Its cloud computing department Amazon network service has a new data center, which is expected to be put into use in Jakarta next year to supplement its data centers that have been operated in Singapore.
ULA – its joint founder Alanwong and Nipunmehra’s career begins in Amazon – as a company’s logistics market for the company, serving the Indonesian family operates on the small-selling department and other small retailers, so far has been about 70,000 family management. Store offers services. “For us, it is exciting,” ULA CEO, “said ULA CEO Nipunmehra.
At the same time, Horizonsventures, headquartered in Hong Kong, cooperated with Indonesian venture capital companies, investing in the local coffee chain Kopikenangan, Capsule hotel supplier Bobobox and stock trading app AJAIB.
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