It hasn’t been repeated from yesterday, Amazon FBA is suspended, and it is repeated in the notice of universal goods into the position, and today I see a platform to launch a notice of pause logistics. It slowdream, giving you the relevant notices related to each platform. Lazada: Suspension of Philippine Order Processing and Logistics Services The Philippine government has enhanced epidemic prevention measures on local COVID-19 epidemic, and expands the isolation range. The Lazada platform actively cooperates with the Philippines government, and is fully assessing the impact of new measures on operations.
The Lazada Philippine Station website and App will continue to operate, and the Philippines site will be suspended at local logistics services. Affected by the above epidemic prevention measures, we will make the following adjustments to platform services:
1, on March 17, the merchant will suspend the handling of the Philippine Station order, and the platform will be further notified on March 20 (Friday).
2, on March 18, the Philippine station will be paused until it is notified.
After the epidemic prevention measures, the Lazada Philippine Station will extend for 7 days and provide longer preparation time for merchant management and handling orders.
Source: Notice Screenshot
Shopee released the Malaysian cross-border parcel transportation announcement Shopee released the announcement of the Malaysian cross-border parcel transportation situation on March 17, as follows:
The Malaysian government has adopted relevant epidemic prevention measures in order to confront the immunity of new coronavirus. Shopee strives to coordinate cross-border parcel transport options while actively cooperating with Malaysian government epidemic prevention. At present, Malaysian epidemic prevention measures may have delays in Shopee parcels. But do not affect cross-border parcel transportation, please send it in normal delivery, thank you!
Please note: The recent Shopee Malay Site cooperates with epidemic prevention and adjusts the local seller. These adjustments are only for local sellers, cross-border sellers, please notice with Shopee official announcement. Ask the seller friends to ship on time, thank you.
If there is any change, Shopee will inform the seller in the first time! EBAY: About SpeedPak Suspension of the emergency notice sent by some of the Spanish area parcels eBay released the urgent notice on SpeedPak suspended Spanish area parcels on March 17. The original text is as follows:
In view of the new coronary virus epidemic, SpeedPAK suspended the following Spain’s parcel delivery area (IgualaDatown) parcel delivery from SPEEDPAK on March 17. Post Office / Self-propelled Points in Zip Code 08700/08710/08788 will also be suspended.
For the relevant parcels that have arrived in the domestic treatment center, the orange link will be depleted on the package.
In addition, EBAY reminds the seller to pay attention to the adjustment of other channels in the Walk of Spain, do a good job in buyers. Association reading: “Sudden: Amazon FBA non-essential goods suspended”