Southeast Asian flagship e-commerce platform lazada data shows that the camping supplies sold on the platform in July this year increased by 51% year-on-year, ranking among Lazada Southeast Asia’s listings, and countless succession. In order to bring a smoother cross-border logistics experience to local consumers, the domestic outdoor products are also “walk into ordinary people’s home” as well as exquisite camping, and the rookie who is responsible for the cross-border logistics of Lazada has also launched Southeast Asian speed-up service, logistics Accele with nearly 50%, help domestic goods and national treasures, let overseas consumers enjoy quality Chinese goods and cross-border logistics.
The Southeast Asia, which is launched by the rookie, basically realizes “72 hours” in Southeast Asia, and has also greatly improved the logistics determinism and safety of cross-border e-commerce. It is reported that the rookie has a distribution center in exporting merchants, Shenzhen and Quanzhou have a distribution center, providing free home delivery, distribution, assembly, etc. Relying on rookie express network resources and numerous techniques, merchants can check the logistics tracking system provided by the rookie, at any time to query the package details, and realize the visualization of the full link. According to reports, the rookie matches the time of the warehouse production, fixed every day, 3 pm and 3 pm to concentrate on the factory to receive the goods, after the deposit is completed, the system will update the status in time. Full consumers and merchants are visible, at least 8-10 hours. Previously, many merchants need themselves to deliver themselves, queue in warehouses and scans. If it is a big period, it is likely to have a delay in 2-3 days. In addition, the rookie began to launch community assembly points from April this year, and currently cover about 11,500 merchants in 20 cities. Small and medium-sized merchants with fewer volumes can directly send goods to the collection points of nearby communities, and then collect them by the rookie, effectively help small microcompatients in logistics. The head of the rookie Lazada cross-border logistics said that the rookie began to trial Own Southeast Asian cross-border service in June this year, mainly covering Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, fastest 3 days. We hope that through efficient cross-border logistics services, and Lazada helps more Chinese brands to grasp new opportunities in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.
At present, Lazada has more than 100 million annual active consumers in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and has a significant logistics and payment network with significant competitive advantages in the region.