Original title: Can I do some Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce? Is it difficult to register in Indonesia?
In recent years, Southeast Asia is the fastest region of the global Internet development. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of NAN NANTs in Southeast Asia can probably reach 480 million, close to 80% of the Southeast Asian population. And from the e-commerce business, the development potential of Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce market is also very considerable. According to data, by 2025, the e-commerce business in Southeast Asia can grow to $ 88 billion, and the composite growth rate is more than the Internet economy. To be considerable, 32% of the proportion, Southeast Asia is still very friendly for cross-border e-commerce markets, and individuals now entering the Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce market is also a good time. So sellers do Southeast Asia Indonesia stations. I want to get Indonesia’s trademarks. Is it difficult? I. Is it difficult to apply for a registration of the Indonesian trademark?
Indonesia is the largest population in Southeast Asia. It is an economically economy of ASEAN. Its e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. Communication, trademarks are also one of the important links. After the addition of the Madrid system in 2018, Indonesia has been handled in accordance with the Madrid trademark international registration. There is no restriction on individual application registration, but because of the different customs of the country, everyone needs to pay attention to several matters when applying for registration of the Indonesian trademark, as follows:
1. A trademark application can only include a category, and each additional category requires additional payment.
2. Be familiar with Indonesia’s living customs, the logo composition can also contain the “mouse”, “turtle” sign, because in Indonesia, these are deemed to be dirty, disaster, bad things, and Indonesian religion, trademarks The composition contains approximation or the same logo in the local area of ​​Indonesia, will be refuted;
3. If you use possible deception or misleading public-related commodities or a source of origin of the service, it will be punished for 4 years of imprisonment and / or high 800 million Indonesian rupiah.
4, need to use within three years after the registration of the trademark, if the time is less than 3 years, the Indonesian party will cancel the registration of its trademark.
5. The Indonesian trademark is valid for 10 years, and the expiration can be renewed.
Therefore, there is an intention to pay attention to the message consultation in the Southeast Asian Indonesian e-commerce market, which will serve you, save your time and money, and register the Indonesian trademark earlier.
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