Recently, there are a variety of vegetables in the Vietnamese market in China, but they cannot sell the identity of Chinese goods, but they are “camouflage” Zi Da Latan, Ningshun Qingti. Recently, there is often an advertisement for selling Ningshun, which is often available on Vietnamese network, with a single price of 6-900,000 south shields / kg. On the “dry food”, “various types of raisins”, there is an advertisement such as Ningshun, American raisins, and the price is also quite favorable. The unit price is only 5-800,000 south shields / kg. According to a live shopping business in Hanoi, the mixed raisin price of their home is 80,000 south shields / kg, the single price of raisin is 6-76 Vietnam. / Kg. The merchant also vowed to say: “These are all raisins, 100% guarantee is Ning Shun Qing, the label is clear.”
According to a superfined planting in Vietnam Ningshun, he used a raisins in Shopee, Lazada and other shopping websites. At that time, the merchant also promised that the grape variety was Ningshun without seed. But he is very clear that Ning Shunqing is almost all seeds, microacid, not as sweet, thin, unseeded like China’s fun.
Ningshun, a fruit wholesaler, revealed: “The brigade price of all major orchard in Ningshun is 6-78,000 south shields / kg, the lowest is also 30,000 south shield / kg. Moreover, 5-8 kg of fresh grapes can be made 1 kg of raisins, so the raisins made of Ning Shun Qing’s raw materials are at least selling to 2000,000 south shields / kg, the low-priced unseeded raisins are mostly Chinese goods online. “In addition, there are even some can’t be in Vietnam. The cultivated fruits are “camouflage” into Vietnamese goods, such as kiwi and preserves made of it. Not just “camouflage” into Vietnamese goods, trafficking also gave Chinese grapes, Apple and other fruit products “camouflage” into American goods, Australian goods, the price is also the difference. A vegetable business dealer in Ho Chi Minh City recognizes that 70% of carrots, potatoes, onions on the market come from China, but when introduced to customers, it is from Dalat. In fact, the priviles and tastes of the vegetables in the two places are similar, but they are concerned that customers have boycotted Chinese goods, they “disguise” into Vietnamese goods. Vietnamese Forest Tongfu, a fruit and vegetable wholesale company, said that the price of agricultural products in Vietnam has increased in the end of Vietnam, especially Dalat carrots, potatoes, onions, etc., therefore, the vegetarians have chosen Chinese agricultural products, and then “disguise” Focus on Vietnam for sale to earn profits.
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