On July 12, 2019, according to foreign media CNN Jakarta, according to the third-party institution ALVARA Research Center, the latest research results show that Southeast Asia’s first e-commerce platform Lazada is elected in Indonesia’s local Millennium. The most popular shopping platform. .
(Third Party Agency Alvara discloses Lazada into Indonesian Millennium Generation Most Welcome Shopping Platform)
This conclusion mainly comes from the “Indonesian Millennium Generation 2019 E-Commerce APP” Act, 47.9% of respondents most often choose from Lazada online shopping, Shopee ranked 32.2% Second, TOKOPEDIA ranked third in 15.4%, bukalapak ranked fourth at 14.4%.
“Not only the best score is the highest in the brand, but the Lazada score is also far leading, and even the future continued use.” Hasanuddinali, CEO and founder of the Alvara Research Center in Jakarta When the survey report is issued, it is said.
The report also said that Lazada is far ahead of 40%, becoming the first e-commerce platform that Indonesia’s first e-commerce platform. The importance of brand importance is far more than 25.8% Shopee, tokopedia accounts for 12.7%, bukalapak It accounts for 13.2%. In the future, it continues to use, Lazada also ranks first in the nearly 50% of the proportion of e-commerce.
Hashi also said that the survey report was conducted from April 3 to 30, 2019. Among them, between 17 to 39 years old, 90% of the respondents mainly purchased fashion, including the trend. Clothing, shoes, headscarves, watches, etc.
As early as May 8 this year, Global Mobile Application Data and Insight Company Appannie had promulgated the best application in Singapore, of which the first e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia is in the list, with industry contribution, customer activity, rapid innovation, etc. Multiple dimensions eventually won the best shopping application.
As a huge market with 600 million consumers, e-commerce skipping in Southeast Asia has jumped directly into the mobile Internet era, which also enables mobile shopping app lists more than a platform in Southeast Asia.
According to Cindydeng, General Manager of Appannie Asia Pacific, “Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world, and unique is that every member state is the market of ‘mobile priority’, and even many areas are almost entirely mobile market. This makes Southeast Asia have become one of the most important mobile economies in the world.
Source: China Daily Network