Live beta, detonating N times derivation. On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of Lazada and the “Strong Beautiful Guangxi · March Sanqi San Yifeng”
Image Source: Lazada Southeast Asia E-commerce
In the Southeast Asian epidemic situation, Qidi Innovation Cross-border Emergency raised anti-preliminary order, opening the live broadcast of related epidemic prevention products, cross-border live broadcast grades. For example, Fitfitt epidemic prevention materials, attracting nearly 10,000 viewing, sales straight clouds, 500% of live broadcast, up 12,000% of products, set the 2020 lazada cross-border live suction recovery record, successfully built the first lazada across the 2020 Ambitions of live ease of electricity business.
This cross-border live broadcast exceeds many people’s expectations, including the platform Lazada and brand Fitfitt, and also caused attention to industry insiders. “It can achieve this effect, depend on sufficient professional live broadcast service.” Lazada evaluated.
Image source: epidemic prevention products live broadcast
Image source: epidemic prevention products live broadcast
Enlighten Innovation Cross-border As the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia – Lazada’s only official service provider in Guangxi, from consumer perspective, integrate quality resources, open a live broadcast between China and abroad, select high-quality Southeast Asian local anchor, solved from demand Cross-border businesses live the pain points of language and cultural differences; professional services, cover the whole process, help business growth, save business budgets, help sellers “sell” first, realize consumers, cross-border merchants, cross-border platforms Win-win!
Lazada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba. In 2019, Lazawa has signed a cooperation agreement in Hangzhou, and both sides jointly build Lazada Cross-border Ecological Innovation Service Center (Nanning) in Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Area. Domestic and overseas sellers in Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce market, including sellers incubating, cross-border e-commerce live broadcast, multilingual cross-border e-commerce training, etc. Business seller grows.
Under cross-border e-commerce, the sellers of major cross-border e-commerce sales, maybe late, but will not absent.
(Source: Enlighten Innovation Cross-border)