Cross-border electricity supplier in Southeast Asia selected product recommendation: Thailand – kitchenware & storage increase significantly
From Southeast Asia big promotion 9.9 Overall, cross-border and furniture storage category Lazada 1500% higher than orders, which housed kitchen utensils and more obvious increase in market Thailand. Quality kitchenware merchant CAROTE station in Thailand comparative birthday big promotion sales increased more than 12 times; LazMall cookware category of cross-border sales in Thailand stand comparison birthday big promotion rose more than 10 times. In addition, hair care, facial cleansing, musical instruments, bedroom furniture, games, mobile phone accessories category growth as a dark horse worthy of sellers focus; China bagged nuts and dried fruits and vegetables are hot during the Great promote Thailand. Vietnam – household consumption leading the mainstream
The number of population is one of the characteristics of Vietnamese, many families always sells consumer goods, from 9.9 Lazada big black horse promote growth category view, air fryer, webcam, baking supplies, facial skin care tools, fashion jewelry list. Wherein the air fryer, webcam, baked goods are all common household products. In addition, household consumption is also one of the focus of the newborn baby related products, diapers category Vietnamese Station 7.7 Comparison of this year grew 1400 percent in the same period 12 hours before the big 9.9 promote sales. Malay – continued selling apparel
Big black horse from 9.9 Lazada promote growth category list view, the top five smart bracelet, mobile phones, laptops, fashion jewelry, health products, clothing apparel was never on the list. But growth does not mean sales, orders from the point of view, clothing apparel category is still strong strength in the Malay market. Among them, baby clothing categories in orders for new buyers & quantity increase of 100% 12 hours before the last big promotion + 9.9, children’s shoes birthday big contrast to promote realization of orders grew by 150% over the same period, home pajamas orders increase over the same period comparison birthday big promotion 160%. Philippines – Gaming Category advantages of filling
Lazada Philippines 9.9 sites to promote large data display, intelligent bracelet, gaming furniture, fashion jewelry, kitchen utensils, electrical products list dark horse hair growth category; gaming furniture category in total sales accounted for 9.9 day sales day 42%.
Among them, 9.9 large screen category pro 12 hours before the big birthday this year comparison sales rose nearly 300 percent pro day, MUSSO chair gaming sites in the Philippines, only 11 hours of sales this year has surpassed 6.6 big promotion 14,600%. Singapore – Beauty category accounted for more than half
Big black horse from 9.9 Lazada promote growth category list view, the Singapore market of mobile phones, air purifiers, cream, skin cleansing, cream occupy the top five, Beauty related categories accounted for more than half.
Singapore level of consumption of the region is relatively high, consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of fine living, therefore, spend more in terms of beauty. In addition, aromatherapy, high-end family of four, exquisite dishes and other high-end home products are also appreciated.