Know the user answered Yanshang to go to the sea. 0 people agree to answer the lazada platform, order delivery process: Below is a lazada order Shipping notes:
To make Lazada cross-border e-commerce, first be familiar with the store and order management of this platform, only familiar with product delivery precautions, work efficiency can improve a lot, tell you to explain the order shipping precautions.
First, it is necessary to ship within 48 hours after receiving the order:
1. This requirement does not include Saturday Sunday and the legal public holiday
2. Update the order status from “Pending” to “Readytoship” in the Seller Center and send the package to the sorting center. Otherwise, the order will be canceled by Lazada and will be a fine of 5 US dollars per product.
Second, within 7 calendar days after receiving the order, the parcel must arrive at the sorting center, otherwise the order will be canceled by Lazada. Third, it is necessary to update the stock in real time.
Fourth, what you need to pay attention to during delivery: • Do not merge orders.
• If there is no delivery within 48 hours after receiving the order, even if there is no cancellation within the system, do not ship (then will be canceled); the orders have been canceled, do not ship.
• The payment method is “noPayment”. If the customer is a choice (such as a coupon) payment, please ship normal delivery.
• If the payment method is COD (cash payment), please do not ship (must contact the HKPSC Hong Kong Partner Support Center).
• Be sure to print the Invoice and LGS logistics labels from the seller center. Invoice is placed in a parcel with the product; LGS logistics label is attached to the package.
• If the multiple items below the order are separated from “Readytoship”, they must be shipped for the delivery, and you must use different parcels and different logistics labels.
• Do not contact customers directly under any circumstances. Please contact the PSCHK Partner Support Center if you need help.
• The product of Indonesian / Thai platform delivery failed / returned but still re-selling will stay in the local cross-border center for four weeks. If there is the same product order, if there is the same product order, it will be resented directly. If no one will be returned The program retired to the seller.
I hope to help you.