The company is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a local large-scale comprehensive tourism company, in Thailand’s plurality of molecular companies, business scope covers investment and operation in various fields such as “food purchase entertainment”. Service tourists 200,000 / year. It has made contributions to China Thai economic and trade, familiar with Thailand laws and regulations, and intensively cooperate with people from all walks of life in Thailand.
The company team deep toward Thailand for more than 20 years, compliant the express development and rise of the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry, aimed at exploring the field of supporting and landing services in Southeast Asian E-commerce industry, with the development of various e-commerce companies in China, sharing Thai e-commerce development bonus, epidemic The Thai e-commerce service provider project was added. Helping the e-commerce enterprises “Out of Southeast Asia” localization operations to escort.
Professionally provide Thailand a dragon service
The company has offices in Bangkok, Thailand.
1. Provide Thai local assessment services (100% evaluation next time);
2. Provide China-Thai logistics services, domestic warehouse to Thailand’s first-stop warehouse service;
3. Provide Thailand overseas warehousing generation services, formal contracts, and safety protection!
4. Provide Thai local store account service;
5. Provide store to exchange exchange services;
6. Provide a store fast return service;
Advantage analysis in the company
1, Thai warehouse
Due to the difference in the customs of the wind, Thai people do things too slow, and the efficiency of doing things can not meet the domestic expected value.
2, Chinese warehouse
Due to the treatment of social relations between the two countries, some “invisible” issues will often encounter some “invisible” issues, affecting the stability of the warehouse and the delivery time.
3, the company warehouse
The Chinese people have in the local area for 20 years, and the social relationship management is in place and cooperate with local people and accelerate the progress of warehousing.
Thailand Thai Yao Even Wharf as the first batch of service providers of Lazada local shop hatch, and Lazada offers Southeast Asian local stores to hatching, assisting Chinese sellers signing the Lazada local store support plan.
What is the benefit of living in local stores through Lazada hatching channels?
1. Enter Thailand Thai excitation exclusive Lazada local store hatching docking group
2, docking the business manager of the local store, assist the seller to operate the store, registration activities
3, local store new store special access registration double eleven activities
4, excellent local store sellers, have the opportunity to join the local store special traffic support project
Note: The local store opened after September can enter the official hatching group to obtain local manager docking support.
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