On October 24, 202, the “2021lazada Aesthetic Export Forum” hosted by Alibaba’s Southeast Asian cross-border export platform Lazada and Shenzhen International Mibo will be held in Shenzhen (Futian) Convention and Exhibition Center, the General Assembly ” Helping the new growth of the American business, invited the Lazada investment person in charge, official certification service provider, cross-border beauty small second and cooperative merchants to attend and share, providing a full link for the American business “cross-border” solution! Click on the applet to register
About Lazada
Founded in 2012, the Lazada Group is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. The Group is committed to promoting the development of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnamese. The Lazada Group has the largest logistics network in Southeast Asia, and the leading payment system, which has become part of the daily life of consumers. The Lazada Group has served 300 million consumers in 2030. The Lazada Group has become the Southeast Asian flagship e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group since 2016 and supported the support of the frontier technology of Alibaba Group. Southeast Asian market category trend:
Moisturizing, oil control, whitening, acne, cleaning, sunscreen, is the largest beauty demand in Southeast Asia; anti-sensitive repair, anti-aging anti-oxidation, becoming a demand for emerging consumption in Southeast Asia; hair removal, acne, cleaning, LED therapy and Photon rejuvenation equipment is the most popular beauty instrument in Southeast Asia; beauty tools / instruments are golden tracks rapidly rising in the past two years.
Southeast Asian market site trend:
Philippine women love nails, Philippines Nail shops all over the world; Malaysia consumers pay attention to suit, professional efficacy product portfolios can expand consumers’ purchasing power; Thailand, there is a strong orange red / earth color blush eye shadow, matte lip glaze Take a hot list. Make-making, concealer, no makeup more stand out; Singapore mask, essence, cleansing in the hot sale list, daily necessity market demand; in Vietnam, 4 US dollars have absolute advantages, young Groups prefer Korean makeup and natural fresh product appearance.
2021lazada US cross-border export forum flow chart
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