I have been cross-border e-commerce has been six years. In Amazon and Shrimp skin, I have summarized a quick explosive experience. I opened a hundred stores from a store in one year, and I would like to share it with you. Help. Remarks: The public account has a friend who wants to learn cross-border e-commerce, I can teach you how to start quickly from zoise. Shopee Shrimp skin e-commerce free shipping current setup package is Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia. These three sites can be set in iWillCovertHippingFee in the shipping board of the product editing details, but will not be able to enjoy the shipping subsidy policy after setting up. Many buyers in Southeast Asia, use cash on delivery, find the store setting – logistics center! Check the four options under this module. When the delivery is performed, the buyer will reject, the cost of logistics transportation can only be borne by the buyer.
If you start to do cross-border e-commerce, don’t know how to operate operation, you can add me WeChat: 45677606 Remarks: public account, free to share cross-border e-commerce operation methods, and operate information, there are many e-commerce operations, Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, plus small editor for free access to cross-border e-commerce operation learning materials. Shopee shrimp skin cross-border e-commerce selection products and everyone simply says, I believe that many newcomers are just in the hot sale of the platform. This piece must be understood. The importance of choice is to believe that everyone is also understood. Do e-commerce, the core is: product + traffic. Shopee has a market weekly report every week, and some analysis of the hotel’s hot products has more intuitive data. Analyze the reason behind this hot sale, maybe you can find the law of exposure. Shopee’s category incentive policy is officially released, in accordance with official standards, naturally, you can get more traffic resources. Shopee has a limited time-selling activity, which shows some videos for promotion, you can take a look at those hot products, or may wish to choose a choice. This sharing an article can not cover a lot of knowledge points, maybe many times you can’t solve your problem, you can + Teacher WeChat: 45677606 Remarks: public account, free to receive cross-border e-commerce learning courses. Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, first come first served.