Looking at the global economy, in recent years, the growth rate of Internet economy in Southeast Asia is obvious, and the e-commerce infrastructure is improved. According to the report “E-Conomya2021”, the e-commerry economy in Southeast Asia, the e-commerce economy in Southeast Asia, in 2021, 2000 billion GMV records in 2021, 62% growth. The report also predicts that in the next four years, Southeast Asian e-commerce annual composite growth rate is expected to reach 18%, and the overall GMV of 2025 is about $ 234 billion. In other words, with the rapid development of the Internet economy, e-commerce business has also usually welcoming the rapid rising channel. For brand manufacturers, the seller is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity.
1. Why do you want to explore the Southeast Asian market through Tiktok?
Although the Southeast Asia is currently transaction in line retail, in recent years, these two years, more and more users have begun to try online shopping. In the 400 million Southeast Asian internet users, 80% of users have online shopping experience.
In terms of online retail, Southeast Asia is mainly sold by e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Tiki. It has formed a very mature e-commerce sales system and service system, and within the station increased year by year. For brand merchants, these e-commerce platforms will only become more intense, and the profit decline is an inevitable trend.
For brand merchants, on the one hand, it is necessary to optimize operations in the mainstream e-commerce platform, improve the conversion rate, and continue to explore new traffic channels to open a better situation. From China’s e-commerce development path, when traditional B2C, C2C e-commerce goes to the industry bottleneck period, social e-commerce and content electro-Chamber of Commerce will replace them into new entrances. In Southeast Asia, Tiktok’s e-commerce potential is undoubtedly huge, mainly based on the following data:
Tiktok’s monthly active users have exceeded 1 billion; Tiktokad system can access more than 200 million Southeast Asia adulthood, according to the country, Indonesia is 87 million, Vietnam is 39.65 million, Thailand is 35.64 million, Philippines is 330.4 million, Malaysia It was 1.345 million. Tiktok surpassed Google became a 2021 global visitor’s largest interconnected site. 2, how to develop the Southeast Asian market through Tiktok through Tiktok
A) short video marketing
At present, Tiktok’s most common marketing method is short video marketing, realizing brand exposure through content planting, and promoting sales. Under the premise without opening tiktokshop, the user can embed the SHOPIFY-based stand-alone page to implement jump sales.
B) live broadcast
After opening Tiktokshop, brand merchants can interact with fans through the form of stores, potential users, and sell them related products.
C) Tiktok advertising system
With the TiktokForbusiness delivery system, you can use the Tiktok advertising system through different dimensions and data indicators, thereby appearing in the information flow, details page, post stickers, and stories in Tiktok. Tiktok opens advertisements need to be trained to communicate with Tiktok official personnel, and the material is reviewed and then replaced.