With the continuous growth of the Lazada platform, more and more people have begun to open the store in this platform, we can choose the company’s opening model, or choose a personal shop mode, as a personal seller, how should I settle in this platform? Next, Chengdu Star Zhuang Xiaobian will introduce. Lazada does not support personal sellers, even if the business license with individuals can apply for an opening of the platform. Lazada Personal wants to do business on Lazada, first to register a company, wait for a business license to apply, and go to the platform. After the individual users have a business license, they can be sent through the mail to complete the settlement process, and simply provide the following information during the station:
1. Business license, or Hong Kong BR business license, you need to upload a clear picture.
2, the business Alipay, there is no registration, you can use the company’s identity authentication. How much is the cost of Lazada?
1, order commission (Commission)
The Lazada platform is different from the seller’s order.
The Lazada platform is mainly for Southeast Asia 6, each country is different: Malaysia is 6%, Singapore is 7%, Thailand is 10%, Indonesia is 10%, the Philippines is 12%, Vietnam is 10%. . 3, account processing fee
The Lazada platform will charge the merchant a certain financial treatment fee. Under normal circumstances, the accounting fee in the opening fee is fixed, that is, 2% of the total amount of each order. 4, freight and other fees
Lazada has a program that launches LGS global distribution, or it can be transported by the seller. Therefore, during the calculation of the freight cost is different depending on the seller shipments.
Lazada settled in the store not only requiring the qualifications of the company, but also have certain economic strength, only in this way can we maintain the operation of the store, survive in the initial entrepreneurial phase. Dear business, if you are interested in this platform, you can learn how to open the store. The competition of this platform can be said to be more and more intense. If you want to do it on this platform, you can not be an easy thing, you can refer to the above content.