During 11.11 this year, Lazada further upgraded China’s cross-border businesses, according to different merchants, brand quantitative, and met the sea demand in different stages of the merchant.
Rodada, general manager of Lazada, said, “We hope, whether there is currently lack of sea-owned business, still have a mood, and Lazada will provide a one-stop solution that meets the business, brand specific sea demand, Let every Chinese business, the brand can really achieve no worries. ”
Lazada China Business Outbound Program Upgrade According to Lazada’s layout of Lazada, it can clearly see that its strength to support China’s cross-border sellers is constantly increasing. In the upcoming 2022, how to seize more markets in advance!
At present, Lazada is divided into four major business versions such as Lazada MarketPlace, Lazadacross-Border, Lazglobal, mainly providing different types of sellers such as brand sellers, Lazada ordinary sellers, cross-border sellers; how to find their positioning To open a store that is suitable for you, you must first understand the conditions of Lazada’s different types of sellers and the appropriate interest:
For many newer sellers, I want to enter the Southeast Asian market developed, choose the right platform and the right business model. Lazada was born as a local, and was included in the Alibaba Group, in Southeast Asia introduced the two 11 concepts, is one of the preferred platforms of the sellers.
Precautions to China Cross-border Sellers: 1. Entering Materials: Requires Enterprise Business Licensing and Corporate Alipay Account;
2, open the store process: cross-border stores can be settled in all sites, but relatively speaking, the entry of cross-border stores is a license can only apply for a settlement. If the Lazada application is not passed, once the rejected license can only be invalid; One point is that the classification classification is finer, and there is no way to change in the wrong class. The choice category needs to be very careful.
3, delivery method: send goods to the Lazada warehouse from you, the current Lazada has 3 warehouses in China, which is Yiwu, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. There are a variety of fees in cross-border opening, and there is a cost of avoiding a lot of money.
Lazada collections and Lazada has reached official cooperation with LAZADA. For the arrival season and the upcoming 2022, LAZADA is specially launched.
As long as during the event, you can enjoy the new card binding shop in the event, and you can enjoy free withlinking to January 31, 2022. 31st! Solve your urban withdrawal fees!
The seller of interest can be learned by [Wenzhong card] ~
Note: The above is for reference only for cross-border sellers, specific issues need to be subject to the real-time rules of the Lazada platform.