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Lazada store decoration tools can help sellers conduct custom design in the seller’s center store. Then, the store page will show the store decoration and the hottest product, attract customers’ attention at the Lazada front desk.
The type of shop decoration template includes: • Daily template – store is the most basic introduction.
• Banner Template – Add to Customer Picture as a banner.
• New Template – Explain the latest products in the store page top show as product recommendation.
• Hot Sale Template – Explains the hottest products as product recommendation in the store page.
• Marketing Template – Combined with Customizable Banners and Product Recommendations.
The benefits of using the Lazada store decoration tool: • Shop renovation can make your page more attractive, enhance your store’s reputation.
• Make your store in a competitor.
• Provide a better online shopping experience for our customers.
• Help you increase sales.
1.lazada webpage store page overview
2. Operation Guidelines
3. Template Overview Click ‘PageEditor’> ‘PageTemplate’ Page Template to show a wide variety of templates, sellers choose to start the store decoration. 4. Shop header
5. Daily template Lazada sellers can use the daily templates to provide the most basic introduction to the store. The seller can customize the banner and the category column.
6. Banner Template In this template, the seller can upload 3 pictures to a custom banner, show the store.
7. New Template In this template, you can choose to automatically show or specify 5 new products to display on your store. 8. Hot Template
In this template, you can choose Auto Filter or specify 5 hot-selling products in your store. 9. Marketing Template
In this template, you can combine banners and product boosters to get our customers to get the best shopping experience in your store. 10. Preview and release
This page will be displayed when the image you upload is invalid. View the history version 12. Data analysis
You can view the data and performance of the store in the computer web version and mobile app, respectively.
You can view three data:
1.Traft: Total customers visited the store
2.Averagectr: Average per page
3.AverageTimeSpentonthepagePeruser: Page Total Time / Access Shop The Customer Yanshang Out of the Sea Focus on Southeast Asian e-commerce localization services, providing practical training from 0-1 and 1-N, and Southeast Asian high quality compliance. Edited from 2021-12-2014: 30: 01