When uploading Lazada goods, the upload of the main map has a certain requirement, otherwise it will not be approved. It is important to do a good job in product, affecting users to see the click of the product, do you know what the Lazada platform requires what is the main picture of the product? What is the product a picture? 1. What is the main map of the Lazada product? ?
1, main map size, size, format requirements size: 800×800 pixels or more: 500KB format: Yes can be JPG or GIF format, requires an enlarged function ratio: 1: 1 boundless box square.
2, main map content requirements background: You can use non-pure white background; scene: allowed to be a model diagram, life scene, multi-scene, pertrack map, etc. Product ratio: The proportion of the canvas in the product allows less than 80%; other requirements: allow the main map with logo / watermark / text, you can use any gift template, but you cannot cover the product body; allow product to contain reflective / reflection, allow product Non-all.
The most important thing is that the main chart must ensure that the buyer can see the main features of the product, can not have a blurred, lack of texture, etc., which cannot be reviewed.
The demand requirements of different types of purpose are also slightly different. It is like electronic product species, which is forbidden to appear people and requirements, so wait for everyone to understand the specific requirements of their own class, and then be produced as required.
Second, how to do a Lazada main picture?
a. Differentiation can refer to what is the main map around your product. For example, most of them are a picture, then you can try to use a model chart to form differentiation; after all, Lazada products are also a lot. Homatization problem; your product has differentiated, you can better attract buyers to click.
b. Copywriting highlights the Lazada main map allows text, which is also more advantageous for the seller. You can express the core selling points of the product, such as discounts, product functions, express advantages, etc.
c. The main body of the primary product must be clearly clear, accounting for the proportion of the map, the main second is clear; to ensure that the product is the most conspicuous, can’t be defeated by the week, coloring and other things. Otherwise it is not conducive to click and transformation.
The product’s main picture is the core element that determines whether the buyer is clicked, do a good job of “Yan”, attracting customers, and more clicks and transformations of the store. Be careful not to make violations of infringement!