As we all know, the investment team of shrimp skin is still very powerful. They have a variety of channels in mainland China to invest in local stores. Under the contrast, lazada is really pulling. . I even doubt that Lazada has “customer manager” to dock with the seller, at least our store has not been connected.
Not much to say, dry goods!
This article teaches you hand, how to dock the customer manager of the shrimp skin Philippines.
First open WeChat, pay attention to the public account “Shopee Philippine E-commerce Platform” seems that my friend pays attention to this public number is still not a lot of attention, in the lower right corner of the chat window, click on the “Assistance Team” -> “local investment in the menu bar. “The next is to fill in the seller information, waiting for the” incubation manager “. It is normal to add WeChat contact. Here is the difference between “Incubation Manager”, “Operation Manager”, “Activity Manager”:
“Incubation Manager”: First communication with the seller, generally Chinese, Chinese people, and the seller are communicated with Chinese. But her job responsibilities may be relatively simple, only responsible for the first two months of the store in front of the store. It may not be able to take into account the specific needs of a single seller because the docked sellers are basically unable to take into account the specific needs of a single seller (simply, stocking). After the incubation period, the seller will be transferred to “Operation Manager” and “Logistics Manager.” “Logistics Manager”: Generally served by the Philippines, responsible for helping the seller to solve the logistics, technology, platform BUG problem. Any logistics returns, picking up the goods is not a timely problem, that is, find this manager. For our operators, it is not necessary to communicate with this manager. “Operation Manager”: Served by the Philippines and communicated with the seller in English. This manager is ultimately dealing with the seller every day. Similar to the registration flash purchase activity, the purchase of a marketing spree, Preferredseller, FSS, etc., is communicated with this manager. Although the internal management of shrimp skin is quite strict, there will be little little power in the operation manager. It can be said that the relationship with this manager will also affect certain weights of the store. PS: At the beginning of 2020, I found the article on shrimp skin on the Internet, a lot of videos, but quality is low. So I decided to open a column to write a series of shrimp native stores. There are a few sections of the intermittent, and there is not much person to see, and there is no justice and comment. I don’t know if I wrote too water, or my article is flooded in the sea, and some people can see. If you are looking at my article now, I feel that my article is a little value, I will give me a little or a message, or I don’t feel this.
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