Click Blue Character, Focus on More Philippines E-commerce Superior Tips!
Lazada store sales is directly linked to the benefits of the seller, often every seller will worry, then how can we do sales?
1. Short and clear products named
A short title and keyword setting is especially important. It can easily find your products quickly, so you must avoid too complex and lengthy names. Detail descriptions can be placed in the product details page, try to highlight important details and models.
2. Accurate classification
Ensure that the right category is selected for the product, and the product is easier to search for the product.
3. More SKU quantity
The number of rich SKUs can have higher exposure and traffic, and also provide customers with a richer comparison reference to meet the different needs of customers.
4. Upload quality main map
The quality main map can attract the customer’s eye, leaving a good first impression to the customer, attracting them to click on your product. At the same time, the high-quality main picture is the facade of the entire store, which can improve the visual experience of customers.
5. Bundle promotion
Enhance customer purchase desire, and expand sales.
6. Competitive prices
For two-piece products, the price is the customer’s decision to purchase a critical factor, compare prices with similar competitors, should make reasonable discounts on the original price, give customers a discount price that makes customers feel attractive.
7. Upload high quality products
Picture of high quality product pictures, you can get more product information, increase your confidence in the product. Product images are critical to vivid display products and promoting sales.
8. Detailed description of products
Like the high quality product picture, the detailed description can also give customers more product information, rest assured to buy products.
9. Plenty of stock
If there is no sufficient inventory, customers will not be able to buy your products, sufficient stocks can improve sales opportunities. 10. Improve the seller rating
Customers are more inclined to buy products in the seller rather ratio, not to other sellers.
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