Knowing the user answered a little more than 0 people agree that the answer is the later, but Tiktok’s strength is not informed in other old foreign social platforms, highlighting the heavy, and becomes a new traffic. Today, more and more brands and sellers decide to take Tiktok as their new track. “New Media Age, Traffic is King” This is the reason why people know, Lazada is no exception. Lazada was founded in 2012, one of the largest online shopping websites in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Six countries have settled sites. According to the latest research results according to the Alvara Research Center, Southeast Asia’s first e-commerce platform Lazada is elected in Indonesia’s local Millennium. The most popular shopping platform. This year, Double Eleven, Lazada chooses to use multiple accounts in Tiktok to make a matrix camp sales, successfully attracted more than 2.6 million discussions and exceeds usually 20 times the number of orders.
Establishing a brand position is the first step in marketing on Tiktok. Brand accounts can help merchants build real links with users to create conditions for brand loyalty. First, the merchant is positioned to create a sufficiently vertical Tiktok account, and the high-quality video content is released, and the brand content is transmitted to the audience on the platform. You can also place links in your personal home page, attract users to access and browse products. For merchants, there is a regular free traffic in the official media, and the transformation is also improved while improving brand exposure. On March 27 this year, it was the nineth anniversary of Lazada. Together, Lazada and Tiktok cooperated to launch a “leading generation” activity, further expand the number of user groups, attracting more retailers to join the Lazada market. 1 Connect to the user through the advertisement and the user aimed at short video unique infection and the vast radiation range of the Tiktok platform, using the Tiktok Advertising Manager to discover new potential customer goals, and interact with potential sellers to promote the registration. Potential customers generate advertisements, encourage users to fill in the form to get contact information, where basic information is filled in to indicate that they are interested in products or services.
2 Release quality and creative works to attract fans, Lazada released multiple sets of works, which detailed the user how users sell goods on Lazada online. These video clearly show the value of the user registered as a merchant on Lazada, and users can fill in the instant table provided by Lazad without leaving Tiktokapp, which will determine the qualification of potential customers through accurate problems. Unlike other brands, Lazada integrates the elements and shooting techniques of Tiktok into their own works, both attracting more users to understand the specific situation of the event, but also ensures that the video can be recommended to the correct audience. .
With this event, Lazada delivers how millions of users have become the market seller, and 47% of users in the instant form eventually become new sellers in the Lazada market.