Lazada offers three cross-border collection services for sellers: Alipay payment services
Payoneer payment service
Second, PayONEER introduces PayONeer as a way to provide low cost and flexible collection. what does this mean? When you get your revenue after the Lazada platform, you can choose PayONEER as your cross-border payment method.
Advantages and contact details transfer Payoneer funds to your bank card account
• Quickly-1-3 working days
• Localization – get funding using your local exchange rate
• Low cost – the more your funds, the less expensive – up to 2%
• Support – Real-time email reminds you of your funds to reach online or offline payment consumption directly through Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®
• Globalization – Can use MasterCard®
• Practical – Use anytime, anywhere: Extract cash, online shopping, and online shopping
• Safety – only available funds, avoid overdraft • Economical – avoiding multiple exchange rate conversion fees for free payment of any account in the Payoneer network
• Globalization – pays for any account in the Payongeer network, wherever the other person is
• Convenience – You only need a mailbox address
• Free time – no need for any payment fee, even if it is a transnational payment
• Fast-2 hours to three, WorldFirst introduced what is WorldFirst?
WorldFirst is a market-leading cross-border payment company, providing simple and convenient cross-border payment methods for e-commerce sellers, individuals, and corporate customers.
It is a subsidiary of the ant group, and the border payment experience in 17 years. Ultra low rate is 0.3% cap, the most low to 0.
Cross-border settlement 0 Hui Daming, open the mobile Alipay small program to view the real-time exchange rate at any time. If the account is fast, withdrawal to Alipay Bank card is the fastest to pay one minute.
Step 1: First, you need to activate the seller wallet of Lazada. 1. Click on the personal icon, select Account Settings 2, select Account Settings 3, follow the steps to activate the wallet, if the wallet is activated, click Manage Seller Wallet 4, click on PayeeAccountManagement Binding Account 5, Select WORLDST) Step 2: Follow the page prompt to enter the information that needs to be bound to the payment account. Special note: If the registered business license / ID card of the current account is inconsistent with the Alipay account that activates the wallet, the binding will fail.
Step 3: Wait for an audit. After the binding platform will be reviewed, there will be three states. BindinginProgress: Binding audits, generally 2 working days, such as more than the previous time, still prompt “BindingInprogress”, please contact customer service consultation.
Failedtobind: Binding failed (click on the exclamation mark next to the status, you can view the cause of the failure, according to the reason, click the unbind / rebind to replace the binding account.)
* Bound: It has been bound to Yanshang to pay attention to Southeast Asian e-commerce localized services, providing practical training from 0-1 and 1-N, and Southeast Asian high quality compliance.