As a cross-border e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has received more and more business concerns, how does a shop optimize operational skills, so get better sales? Benefits: Lazada store evaluation (complement):
1. Improve the store reputation, manufacturing explosions, increase the credibility of the store;
2. The store business indicator is too low, improve the number of shops
3. Improve the product rankings and capture every traffic
4. Develop plans, participate in platform activities
(1) How to use the keyword (or using the group sharing rankings), search for the product of 10 pages or 20 pages of the store in your store, using the same keyword, increment (first day 2 Single, the next day, 4 orders, in this type, the order is determined; this can make the website to determine the product is popular, greatly conducive to ranking;
(2) If your own product is not ranked first, how to determine the product;
This situation should be found through the Lazada’s background data, and the product analysis is found to be high or high conversion rate, and determine the mainstream quantifier;
(3) It is necessary to assess the new store, how to determine product evaluation;
First, the new store evaluation is mainly in order to accumulate praise, a store of sales and evaluation will make customers feel doubts;
Second, the new store evaluation can accumulate data, thus making more finely determined products, enhances the effect;
Third: For new stores, the store mainly determines which products, the randomness is large
(4) How to determine products and keywords:
First, in the lazada background “data vertical and horizontal”, determine the keywords of medium-offset heat, search for its own products in the top 20 in the search rankings in the product management function, can determine the product and Key words;
Second, the product analysis in the data is determined to determine the high click rate, high conversion rate and the main flow of flow under the product;
(5) process
First, build foreign servers, build a firewall through remote safety terminal
Second: Overseas Independent IP, I suggest an account one IP
Third, overseas credit cards with virtual card background can open unlimited card, one account matches a credit card
Fourth, the registration information foreign email address mobile phone number is almost four – five dollars
Using keywords to search, the goods are taken into the user shop after the three houses, and the store is browsing for at least 3 minutes, and ensures that the product is detailed, before the order is purchased;
It is relatively low in our own, and the cost can be measured at any time. The most important thing is safe and controllable. At present, there are many service providers that are not reliable. The account quality is not good, and there is a malicious bad review or use black card orders. Question, leading to the store, it is best to control the buyer account.