Original title: Can Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce can earn money in 2021? How much is needed?
Can Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce can make money in 2021? What is the development potential of cross-border e-commerce? How much is we invested in the early stage? These problems are the most questions that I have recently sorted out, and if we have an idea to do cross-borders, these questions must be clear, try to answer today.
At the first point, in 2021, I can also do Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce. I will tell you that 2021 is the golden period of cross-border e-commerce, to analyze.
1 Southeast Asia exceeds 1 billion population, e-commerce accounts for less than 5%
First look, this is the user data of Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Shopee Eighth Site. Recently, Mexico has become a large site of Shopee, Shopee covers people to 1 billion, but also expands the site.
Look at a group of data. In 2020, China’s e-commerce sales accounted for more than 30% of the overall retail sales, but Southeast Asian e-commerce only accounts for 5% of retail sales, this data can be seen, China’s e-commerce market has already The development is almost the same, but the Southeast Asian market has great development potential.
2 Secondly, it is policy support, and the country has added cross-border e-commerce test district to 105, and now the export customs clearance is convenient;
3 More people are national advantages, our country is a big manufacturing big country, the merchandise and cheap goods, plus living habits in Southeast Asia are very similar to us, our country’s products are very popular in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia has more than 60% cross-border shopping From China.
4 Finally, the epidemic accelerates e-commerce evolution, users strong dependence, and foreign epidemic accelerate the rapid development of e-commerce, but also let more people rely on e-commerce platforms, and overseas are frequently broken.
So why said that Southeast Asia is now in the best time, Southeast Asian e-commerce is still in high-speed development, the market has great potential, and the seller’s competitive pressure is small, and it is the best opportunity to do cross-border entrepreneurs.
Finally, I will talk about the cost problem of Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce.
Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce current platform is Shopee and Lazada. The former is Tengxun, the latter is acquired by Ali, and the two compare, Shopee is more suitable for people without funds, because if your information is ready The shrimp skin is completely free, but the Lazada is required to be 3000; the development of Shopee is faster than Lazada, Shopee is the first app for Southeast Asia for 3 consecutive years, Lazada site is 6, Shopee already has 9 sites Compared to the population, it is also a more advantage of Shopee.
So, doing Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce, if you can do 0 costs, do Lazada, you need to prepare a certain amount of money. Return to Sohu, see more