I have been cross-border e-commerce has been six years. In Amazon and Shrimp skin, I have summarized a quick explosive experience. I opened a hundred stores from a store in one year, and I would like to share it with you. Help. I want to do a cross-border e-commerce friend, I can + I / Wish, I can teach you how to start quickly from zoise. What are the shrimp platforms of the shrimp skin cross-border e-commerce platforms are the e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and is established in 2015. The parent company of the shrimp platform is Southeast Asian Internet Enterprise Sea (original Garena), which was founded in 2009. In 2016, the Malaysian State Treasury Holdings, Tencent Chasing (Tencent led A round a few years ago) $ 17 billion. D round financing.
Shopee is currently covered in 7 countries and regions, including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, while setting up an office in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Shrimp skin is the most easy to shop in cross-border e-commerce. Individual industrial and commercial households or corporate licenses are ready. Individual households are ready for e-commerce to operate flowing water, do not buy, enterprise business license should not flow, directly apply, no registration Crimp skin, real and effective, clear shooting, properly submitted, the store is 100% in the week (emphasize: I have said countless times, I don’t have to apply for 20% of the network, I apply for 20% ” 100%, just apply for your own, it is 100%, don’t understand me or turn me, how to apply for a step in the article, it is very clear)
If you start to do cross-border e-commerce, don’t know how to operate operation, you can add me WeChat: 2438823447 Remarks: public account, free to share cross-border e-commerce operation methods, and operational materials, and many e-commerce operations, Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, plus small editor for free access to cross-border e-commerce operation learning materials. How many shrimp skin cross-border e-commerce months is good for the shrimp shop in the incubation period, the first thing to do is to break through 0 sales, do a good job in the store, and set the amount of the amount, in the case of sales Go down to accumulate, and let the store get more fans, when the store has sales and comments, there is also a quick accumulation of fans, and it will be easier to get more sales and traffic.
Shopee’s title consists of these parts: brand word + category word + attribute word + selling point function + long words. When we do these words, we must pay attention to the search for hot search, but pay attention to not writing and writing words.
How to find a hot search, there are also many channels, search recommendations, drop-down boxes, advertising words, etc., these have a detailed explanation in my video courses. There is no way to demonstrate, interested friends can contact me. This sharing an article can not cover a lot of knowledge points, maybe many times you can’t solve your problem, you can + Teacher WeChat: 2438823447 Remarks: public account, free to receive cross-border e-commerce learning courses. Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, first come first served.