I have been cross-border e-commerce has been six years. In Amazon and Shrimp skin, I have summarized a quick explosive experience. I opened a hundred stores from a store in one year, and I would like to share it with you. Help. I have a friend who wants to do cross-border e-commerce, I can + I, Weixin: 45677606, I can teach you how to start quickly from zoise. Shopee Shrimp skin cross-border e-commerce sellers To modify the address First, Shopee sellers need to select Click “Shop Settings”, “My Address”, “Address Editing”, here Shopee can modify and set the return address of the goods. If there is a case, you can also have a buyer to modify the address: a seller has not shipped such as an order fulfillment logistics for Shopee support logistics, as long as the seller has not arranged shipments, the buyer can change the shipping address. Shopee Support Logistics: ShopeExpress / Gogoxpress / Ninjavan / J & Texpress / XDE Conditions Two Buyers have not paid / payment not confirmed that the order fulfillment logistics is a non-Shopee support logistics, as long as the buyer has not paid or payment has not been confirmed, it can change the receipt address itself. . Note: Use Chinese when adding in the address. The information of the recipient must be a real name system, Shopee needs to use real recipients, many sellers use the company name, or the name contains company names, or the name is incomplete, it is not allowed, it may result in returning There is an abnormality when it is. If you start to do cross-border e-commerce, don’t know how to operate operation, you can add me WeChat: 45677606 Remarks: public account, free to share cross-border e-commerce operation methods, and operate information, there are many e-commerce operations, Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, plus small editor for free access to cross-border e-commerce operation learning materials. Southeast Asian e-commerce Shopee shrimp skin shrimp skin development trend is, the shrimp skin is founded in 2015, and it has been in a state in rapid development in several years. Although the growth rate in recent years has slowed, the growth rate of each year is also 50%. Therefore, the development trend of shrimp skin is still a bright. Shrimp skin e-commerce development trend
There are still many people who are watching the shrimp skin market. In fact, you have to understand that domestic e-commerce have no chance, no matter how much Taobao is still spent or Jingdong, domestic e-commerce is already super saturated, and repentable missed domestic electricity The most best enters the mobile phone, but it is better to grab this opportunity to seize the Southeast Asian market. People who do the first wave of eating crabs know the trend of shrimp skin. We also have to analyze the shrimp skin in the case of shrimp skin, there are 8 sites: Taiwan ( TW), Malaysia (MY), Indonesia (ID), Philippines (PH), Singapore (SG), Vietnam (VN), Thailand (TH), Brazil (BR). This sharing an article can not cover a lot of knowledge points, maybe many times you can’t solve your problem, you can + Teacher WeChat: 45677606 Remarks: public account, free to receive cross-border e-commerce learning courses. Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, first come first served.