Knowing the user answers to the network technology 0 people endorsed that after the answer in September, what is the trend of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market? Can major platforms continue to develop in the consumption boom? What changes do countries change in sales and sales? Let us take you to review the Southeast Asian e-commerce data in November 2021, master the latest trends in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market! If you are interested in Southeast Asian e-commerce market, please click on the link above the link to download the latest free monthly book! This month’s e-commerce market analysis: According to the third quarter of the third quarter of the IPRICE website, the market penetration rate of Shopee in five countries in Southeast Asia is still expanding. As the local e-commerce platform in Thailand and Vietnam, Centralonline and DieNmayxanh have been first ranked first in the foreigners of the domestic e-commerce list. Figure 1: IPRICE website Q3TOP3 e-commerce platform After the promotion festival of the promotion festival in early September, the consumer market in Southeast Asia has presented a significant falling trend. After October, the Philippine market showed a better recurrent trend, while Vietnam has a significant rebound, but sales growth trend is not obvious and needs to continue to observe. Figure 2: Shopee Philippine Women’s Sales Trends Chart Shopee is increasingly large in the Philippines, in good prospects. In November, its sales climbed to the top five countries in Southeast Asia, and sales of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia were followed, and they were presented and drove. Figure 3: November Shope Southeast Asia five countries sales data tickets, coupons and services are popular. In Indonesia, its sales ranked among the first two in September, but fell to the fourth in November. Among them, Shopee’s consumer coupons accounted for more than half, and thus this time the fall is not related to the platform’s promotion festival. Figure 4: Shopee Indonesian Category Sales TOP5 contrast in the five-year SHOPEE sales list in November, home life class is ranked first. In Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, sales are even in the list. In addition, beauty skin care class has a seat on the list of countries, and its development will not be underestimated. Figure 5: Shopee Thai Sales TOP5 In this month, we will provide you with the following information: This report covers the e-commerce data of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, mainly collecting SHOPEE And Lazada’s two major e-commerce platforms, and other e-commerce statistics related data platforms.
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