Shenzhen Lazada Shipping Company – How to find a reliable Shenzhen Lazada freight forwarding list?
Lazada seller knows that Lazada itself is an inentical mode, then Lazada sets the warehouse scan time is 2 + 2, then it is more urgent to buy the merchant after purchasing the logistics express delivery from the order. At this time, a Lazada is shipped to the seller’s middle transfer to operate Lazada stickers generation service.
1, what is Shopee or Lazada shipping agent
A: Shopee or Lazada’s delivery agent is mainly serviced to do outstanding source models, of course, there is supply model to help. The process is: the seller will send the goods to the shrimp in the 1688, and in the Shiminyu Lazada freight forwarding platform, the corresponding domestic transportation number, the shrimp skin Cloud is received, and Shopee or Lazada will print. Welch, put the waybill, and then send it to Shopee or Lazada’s Shenzhen warehouse on the same day.
2, what services bring to Shopee or Lazada sellers to Shopee or Lazada seller
1), the same day delivery service
The goods received before 5 o’clock on the same day, the day delivery, no delay, and ensure that your items have been handed over to the client.
2), damage to the package free second packaging service
We are a professional school-sticker operation team, fully understand the collection rules of the sorting position, due to the damage of the wrapped sorting position will return. For the damaged parcels in the transportation, it is used to achieve the standard of sorting warehouses to ensure that your goods can enter sorting scans.
3) Free warehousing
For hot goods, you can send the goods first to our warehouse, we give you a free storage, once you have an order, we will help you carefully pack and ship it immediately.
3, why choose shrimp skin cloud warehouse, where is our advantage?
1) Shrimp skin warehouse 1 yuan delivery is lower than 50% of the industry — will be selected by the seller
Due to a lot of couples or sellers in the market or sellers, the prices are also very chaotic due to many women who are in the market. Our pricing is very simple, according to single charges, the automatic deduction is set, allowing you to enjoy the best service at the lowest price.
2) Perfect customer service to meet customer customization needs
Our customer service has no need to answer the customer 10 hours a day, meet the various customized needs of customers, such as unpacking, secondary packaging, combined packaging and other demands. At the same time, the customer is in the operation of the store, we will also help solve it.
3) Professional equipment, improve efficiency, and ensure 0 wrong single rate
We have special warehouses, deposit the hot goods
Professional industrial-grade zebra label printer, printing will clearly unconnect, and the storage scan identification is accurate
Self-research ERP system Shopee, lazada freight forwarding platform, scanning identification, two-step verification, guarantee the wrong single rate is 0
Shenzhen Lazada freight forwarding package weighing and packaging video. Provide free warehousing services.