As we all know, Lazada is a platform for biased the store to play. At present, the platform is mainly based on the sales model operation. It is a person or team to operate multiple Lazada account to carry out multi-store shop, maximize the operation of the traffic. Way.
Lazada cross-border account has been registered to automatically open 6 sites, which is to register an account. It is actually 6 stores. Just register a few lazada accounts, it is equal to dozens of shops, generally paved sellers will It has a lot of lazada stores, and the customer service management has also become a big hard point in the seller operation. Here, Xiaobian will recommend a mobile phone computer to install a regular group chat software: cross-border
Gathering the official website link:
Cross-border chat introduction
Gathering is a cross-border e-commerce service chat tool, combined with SHOPEE, LAZADA and other platform customer news, but also manage multi-platform, multi-store centralized management, store message centralized; also provides 24-hour system automatic reply, customer service reasonable Assign management, automatic translation, and so on, improve customer service reception efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and promote customer transformation.
Gathering the computer and mobile phone downloads, and it is formal docking, completely preventing the association, in this, the seller can chat with the customer at any time and do not have to log in to the background, not only improve customer service efficiency, gather the customer service robot function function You can also help you automatically reply to customer information that leaks back, you have no reply, reducing your store’s delayed response, and you can make your store right to improve. Chat service project
1. Automatic reply automatic reply can help the seller to solve the problem of customer area. The seller can open automatic reply to protect customer service is always online, and the store response rate is valid.
Gathering automatic reply
2. Employee rights management solves the customer service with the owner’s distribution problem, and the system can set different shops in the system, and achieve flexibility and multi-dimensional management of customer service work; guarantee work allocation is clear.
Gathering employee rights management
3. Express reply template to make a quick reply template, can quickly call when dealing with customer service issues, no need to repeat the input, greatly enhance customer service response efficiency.
Just chat fast reply