First of all, we need to know why a shop is decorated, what is the purpose of the store decoration? In fact, the store decoration is currently in order to design the renovation of the customer’s eye, let the store home page have more visual marketing power to promote the conversion rate, maximize the traffic of the product, the merchant can customize its own shop PC through the background decoration tool The style of the mobile phone is home to the store, the most important thing in the decoration store is: show our own store strength, you can put some certificate or factory video pictures, etc., let customers think we are a powerful shop, strengthen the brand image, and attract More customers click to increase the conversion rate.
If you want to decorate the store, you need to learn StoreBuilder. It is a tool. By designing online stores, the design is presented in front of our customers, mainly to create its own unique store design, and establish a brand a certain reputation through a variety of functions. On the top page, the new product, put a best-selling product or promotion, attract customers to buy more products, help us adjust the store in Growthcentre to make our store to complete challenge.
You can create multiple renovation pages and set up a scheduled to set up a schedule to create a custom sub-page, set your own marketing activities. If we create the activities, you can also set the promotion. Page all range shop promotions, such as: Flexicombo activity is.
The specific operation process is to enter the seller background of Lazada. Find the store decoration sector to enter the editor tab. Start renovation our store, first upload our store’s logo and banner, a store’s logo is more able to remember our, There is also a banner of the store, it is also very important to attract customers to continue browsing, logo and banners upload a few modules can generally recommend at least 2-3 modules.
Upload store logo, you need to find StoreSettings first click + Start upload, then click Confirm to complete the logo upload, and finally click SAVE to keep editing results.
If you upload the head banner of the store, you should first click on the Banner diagram of the store banner on the head module. Click on the right back to pop up the editable window, click on + upload picture, click CROP and CONFIRM to complete the Broadpart Shop head banner after clicking CROP and CONFIRM. .
Upload the logo and banner, you can put the product sector, click the Modules tab to drag the product recommended module to the middle start editing, select the sort function to customize the order of the product.
After the product sector, you can put the package, click the modules tab to drag to the page, select the coupon created in the store or manually create a coupon display, and release it after the setting is completed.