Now cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly in Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asia currently has nearly 700 million people. In 2020, Southeast Asia Internet users have exceeded 400 million. With the signed and continuous implementation of RCEP, China’s brand will have to usher in the wave of Southeast Asia in China. Many young groups in Southeast Asia have more and more like to shop online and surf, Lazada as one of the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and online shopping rapidly become trend. Lazada platform is divided into cross-border stores and local stores. Here, the landlord share the local store in Malaysia, what conditions do you need, and what do I need to do it?
First of all, Malaysia lazada local stores need conditions:
1. Personal sellers open the store, need to provide personal identity information (local mobile card) and local bank account.
2. Enterprise sellers open the store, need to provide business license, corporate legal information and local bank accounts.
3. Malay local Chinese opens the earth, and provides passports and local bank accounts to register.
The above is the conditions required by Malaysia’s open local shops. The following landlord also shares a friend, after the online store is opened, what operations do you need to do?
1. Shop foundation construction: Do a good job in choice, translation, store decoration, product title keyword optimization and other store basic operations.
2. Do a good job in the store promotion and drainage:
3. Do a good job in the store operation and maintenance: do a good job in store data analysis, product planning, sales goals, product optimization, window recommended, matching, discount price setting, after-sales management, etc. Improve the popularity of the store level and the brand overseas.
The above is something that needs to be done in the online store operation. If you are interested in the Lazada online shop in Malaysia, you can leave a message below or the private letter landlord.
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