Now more and more people want this settled wayfair cornucopia, but the attendant problem is the long wait, the seller help you save time, let’s see how quickly settled wayfair this platform!
General supplier settled, the audit staff will ask five questions
1, the company name? (Chinese companies, US companies can, but it is recommended that US companies)
2, can provide Dropship? (Of course, yes)
3, the average processing time of order long? (Leadtime: 48h)
4, in the United States warehouse it? (Yes)
5, now doing what other electronic business platform? (Can be provided)
Wayfair Overview section
Wayfair is the world’s largest online retailer! Wayfair with our suppliers to develop Dropship model, which means customers in the up and down the order, we will only send you an order, you will directly pick, package and send the order to the customer. Wayfair responsible for all transportation costs suppliers of all products. We require our suppliers from the United States for distribution warehouses in the United States, and they can work within 48 hours of delivery time. Our suppliers must assume product liability insurance for its products, and Wayfair as extra insurance.
Wayfair responsible for displaying price and 2-way freight, you offer wholesale pricing, and must have overseas warehouses, leadtime48H, and must have insurance!
After providing these answers, real audit, will send you three documents
1. Product Wholesale Price, in accordance with wayfair asked to fill out to (find my request, will provide free copy)
2, insurance COI, insurance requirements Wayfair is 200wusd amount, a single 100wusd sum insured can be. Insurance templates need to follow wayfair, careful not wrong, is WayfairLLC, not Wayfair, LLC (many sellers know nothing more than the insurance, can provide free counseling, is the PICC, Ping half of the second year only need to pay 60-70% can be.)
3, EDI support? New vendors do not need EDI, because you can not make up CastleGate, direct “no” to! Select ftp, or apply the background InventoryManagement, select CSV update the inventory can be!
Wayfair own exclusive brand, containing all traffic, you do not have to worry about. . . . . I would also like to mention the internal brand Wayfair initiative, which is our understanding of customer driven Wayfair: a price point and style rather than mass-market brands to shop customers. We have implemented these “exclusive brand” and dedicated brand managers, they planned to cover all product categories of products. In this way, customers can more easily browse our extensive catalog, find the goods belong to their preferred aesthetics and price range. A few years ago, we started with core furniture category in this process, and has achieved great success in these areas, so we have started to extend the scheme throughout the catalog. Participation in the program will bring benefits for your products, because these exclusive brands has become our huge investment, and does not require you to take any action.
After the review is complete, the registration into the background, do Wayfair new suppliers settled in training, shelves began selling products
1, Wayfair default of payment is a virtual credit card, you can change fast back section, for 10 days, the rate of 3%! (Sign will be different)
2, Wayfair shipping insurance is 5%! (Sign will be different)
3, the station advertising
4, no other transaction costs!