No public have a friend who wants to learn cross-border electricity supplier, I can teach you how to quickly scratch single burst. How shopee local store logistics solutions?
1, overseas shipping warehouse
There is now a lot of logistics companies to provide warehousing services overseas in Southeast Asia, and so do the local shop seller, you can choose first overseas transport of goods to the local warehouse, after which the buyer orders, the warehouse responsible for shipping overseas. This way is more secure.
And overseas warehouse will provide a generation of fat, returns for standard, the first trip transportation and other train services, can bring a better experience to the seller.
2, a generation of fat
Of course, you can also find some of the local distribution companies, then select Distribution mode shelves into their shops; when a buyer orders, the seller orders will be pushed to the distribution companies were a generation of fat.
The cost of this model is relatively low, because no own stocking, and prepare logistics, store operations as long as you can do for less money, as well as novice sellers have an advantage.
Shopee sellers registered Thai native materials which need to store?
1, 2 local telephone numbers, local bank card is actually the core of the local data store on the local registration information, if conditions permit, it is best to register and operate operated by Thai native IP. shopee local Thai shop Registration Tutorial: Shopee local shops and Lazada registered the biggest difference is, Shopee buyers and sellers accounts are common account, with the account buyer can go directly to sellers log into the center.
Here mainly to talk about doing shopee want to profit, what areas need our special attention.
1, product pricing
General product pricing = cost + profit, but in cross-border electricity supplier in the domestic electricity business than a little trouble complicated. Cross-border electricity providers need to calculate the exchange rate, as well as cross-border delivery costs.
Shopee do if we just put pieces can be sent to a transit warehouse, the rest of us to help the shrimp official distribution, but need to pay attention Oh, is not free distribution to you Oh, certainly charge a fee, but better than international express yourself cheap. 2, got the idea a lot of election materials
Electric shopping district this sentence: seven of the selected items, one-third by the operator. Words are not without reason, select a good product at a good shop lay the foundation for business, comes with a single-volume flow of the product must also relatively high.
After all the new shop every day to maintain a small stable, after the shop on new products, the platform will give you a certain natural flow, more conducive to exposure shops.