With the more and more sellers in Lazada in success, the store operation will cost more energy in the product. First, the success of a store should be the first step. Nowadays, the seller is more competitive. We should choose products suitable for platform development, and as much as possible with other sellers, create a group of explosive products belonging to their own, many sellers will spend more and more time. Second, the long-described LorikeEt, a long description of the Liuhe sites, is not upgraded. In addition to a piece of uploading product pictures, in order to meet the needs of the platform for LoriKeet renovation, the sellers will go uploading a LorikeEt every site, and the time spent is thus.
The Lazada platform then publishes the latest PQI index. What is the product quality index (ProductQualityIndex-PQI)? We will measure product quality based on the product rating, the buyer of the seller. Where will the seller get a poor PQI index? The following reasons can result in poor PQI index, such as (but not limited to):
• The goods are very close or have exceeded the shelf life.
• Product damage
• Products and descriptions do not match
• Lack of accessories
• Send an error
How do we collect PQI buyers feedback?
In the following cases, we will collect the product quality issues related to your product feedback:
• Buyers give lower commodity quality scores and negative product quality evaluations
• The feedback provided when the buyer is retracted by the reason for the buyer.
• What is the PQI index calculated by contacting the product quality issues by contacting the Lazada Platform Customer Service PQI scores are marked as a case where product quality problems account for a percentage of total orders over the past three months. When a PQI index of a commodity exceeds the platform-recognized reasonable index, the item will be offline.
You can query the relevant items and offline reasons in ASC-Product-Management-Poorquality. Again, Lazada is a seller’s content policy, which violates the platform content policy will be removed by the platform.
Finally, we also need special management for global selection GC products.
With the upgrade of Ali’s entry lazada, the sellers need to spend more time on the Lazada platform, except for the product sector, in Chat chat, the warning of the platform is received every day, and urge us to reply in time. Home inquiry. Lazada Platform seller is probably not returning to the day, and the full-time operation and sales person will become more and more important. to be continued.