Make Lazada cross-border e-commerce, first be familiar with the background setting of this platform, only familiar with the background operation, work efficiency can improve a lot, today give you a brief introduction and setting of Lazada sellers.
First, what is the seller’s “Seller Center” is a seller understands all the key information of business on Lazada:
1. Manage product information, new inventory and price;
2, manage orders and return;
3. View financial statements, pay terms, payment fee, etc.
4, see Lazada’s news and the latest news! (Not applicable cross-border sellers;
5, participate in promotions;
6, the seller is invalid to modify any information in “MyAccount-profile”.
Log in to the seller centers (for details, please refer to the Seller Center Video) 1. Look at the website, and any seller’s center URL is always displayed in the form. 2, see the national flag, any seller center home page will display the local flag and the national name.
Dip the cross-border payment method in the seller center in various countries in the Malaysian seller center registration and docking cross-border payment account; after applying for approval, other countries sellers only need to dock cross-border payment accounts, no need to apply.
Second, introduction Work platform ASC cross-border sellers work platform: Enter SELLERCENTER> Products >> ManageventureProducts national sellers central operation. GSP cross-border seller work platform: Enter SELLERCENTER> Products >> ManageglobalProducts_ One-stop 6 Seller Center operation.
Advantage 1, new features
· Product creation and management: price calculation formula, auto-distribution, product content translation, etc.
· Order management and others: Manage 6 countries within a page.
· Promotion and other functions: No need to log out the Seller Center of Login, just choose the national flag, automatically redirect to the designated national seller center.
2, directly increase sales
· Efficient release of goods: Second level to 6 countries, no longer need to wait for clone.
· Local language translation: Provides Thai and Indonesian machine translation functions to help sellers translate, improve product page views.
3, improve operational efficiency
· One-stop resolution: Just log in once, the seller can carry out business management of 6 sellers.
· Automatic DCCOP: Seller does not need to pay attention to inventory, when selling light in a country, the system is prepared from the country in stock.
· Price calculation formula: The seller only needs to enter CNY / USD cost + profit, the system automatically calculates the price of various countries.
4, more transparent, more flexible
· The seller can choose the country published by the product.
· The seller can choose whether to translate.
· The seller can choose the global price currency (USD / CNY) for the product.
· Price calculation formula (containing exchange rate).
Third, the seller center setting 1, GPS first login
2, enter PROFILE for setting 3, fill in the seller data 4, cross-border setting: set 5, cross-border setting: cross-border payment method 6, cross-border setting: cross-border payment method 7, cross-border setting: cross-border payment method – How to bind PaymentProvider8, bind PaymentProvider successful pages
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