1. What is the advantage of LGF overseas?
1.1 What is LGF (lazadaglobalfulfulfillment)
LGF is a specialized overseas service for cross-border businesses launched by the Lazada platform. Merchants can prepare for overseas warehouse in advance to store. After the user places you, the goods will be shipped directly from overseas warehouses, and logistics time will have significantly shortened, and aging is more secure. The service is currently only open to the Malaysian market.
1.2 Benefits using LGF overseas service
LGF Overseas Coat Front End Exhibition
2.LGF Overseas Service Introduction
2.1 Operational Process
2.2 Applicable goods and categories
2.3 charges
2.4 Other service descriptions
3. Successful seller case sharing
4. How to apply for LGF overseas service
At present, LGF overseas service is only open to some businesses, and merchants are mainly involved in invitation.
What kind of merchant will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the LGF overseas warehouse?
• Shop score is higher than 60%
• What kind of goods will be qualified?
• More than 30 months
• Product evaluation is higher than 4 points
Other unsatisfactory merchants want to apply for LGF, need to apply to the corresponding category Xiao Second
5. Frequently Asked Questions
1. The LGF overseas warehouse is currently open to Malaysia?
A: Yes, I am only open to Malay market, and I will open more countries.
2. How do you know that you are invited to participate in the overseas market?
A: We will notify the invited merchant separately, followed by the ASC system notification
3. How to choose LGF overseas warehouse, how much stock is needed?
A: It is recommended to prepare for the sales of 1-2 months, and the large investment needs to increase
4. If the overseas warehouse is sold, how will the inventory?
A: We will regularly provide overseas transportation services, expect 1-2 times a month, please pay attention to our transport schedule in time, will be more on Lazadauniversity
5. Does the overseas bin charge a warehousing fee?
A: At present, overseas warehouses do not charge a warehousing fee, but it is recommended to strictly control inventory.
6. Overseas warehouse currently supports platform shipping? Will it open the business to ship independent delivery?
A: Yes, the current merchant needs to ship to the Shenzhen Shipping Center according to the designated time. At present, there is currently no discharge of the merchant to ship to the Malay. It is expected to open in the first half of 2019, and will notify the merchant after the next year.
7. If the product is shipped in the restricted list of processes?
A: Yes, based on the regulatory requirements of import and export, there is currently WiFi, Bluetooth, with plug commodity, can not enter the overseas warehouse, and the battery commodity needs to provide the MSDS file certificate platform license to enter the position.