Recently, I have received many businesses to consult my Lazada’s opening. Today, Xiaobian shares the detailed steps in the process to everyone. 1. Introduction 2. Enmergency process
Platform introduction: Lazada was established in 2012, headquartered in Singapore, business scope covered Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnamese Six Southeast Asian countries, covering approximately 500 million consumers. In March 2018, Ali added 2 billion US dollars in investment, holding up to 83%, Peng Lei as chairman, Lazada completely became Ali platform, instead of the speed of selling Southeast Asian market. In March 2018, Lazada also announced in Shenzhen to set up an office Techhub. Lazada has begun a “six sites” plan and has a working background, and all sites traffic will communicate. The platform is more inclined to walk high-end image routes, and pay more attention to booting the seller to highlight their own brands, emphasizing the professional norms of pictures, and the brand strategy style is similar to AliExpress. In the first two years, the Lazada platform is targeted, and in April 2019, the platform will carry out China’s sellers, and now the merchants are also the first batch of Chinese sellers supported by the platform. The e-commerce market is to seize the opportunity. The market is more suitable for some sales sales.
Remind request: 1. Company’s business license (corporate Alipay); 2, product trademark
Intraced Process Overview:
1. Entering must be done (Register-Todolist1-Todolist2) into the station (Todolist3)
2. Fill in the content: Account setting (mobile phone, mailbox, password) information setting (address, sorting position, Alipay verification, main type, operating currency) Add product
3. Mail notice – Lazada Background Audit – Normal Operation (Please log in to Lazada University during the audit “First to learn our free course
Opening steps: Step1: Register
Step2: Supplement Address Information
Step3: Alipay Qualification & Set Operation Information
Step4: Waiting for the audit, continue to operate the item upload
Audit results notice
If we receive mail sent by countries, our store is an adopted, next is to prepare a new, shop specialization, and event, finally make a hot-selling category.
(Source: Global Epolective Information)
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