In the Amazon Lazada AliExpress platform, the importance of buyers’ evaluation is self-evident. Many buyers will look at their comments before buying products, comparing the buyers of the same product. Decision. Therefore, assessment has always been a promotion method of major e-commerce platforms, and Amazon is no exception. The assessment is also the way to start with many major sellers. Many Amazon Lazada AliExpress sellers for the order, in order to rank, not the consequences of crazy brush brush, and finally, it is not ranking, it is a warning, even hanging accounts!
Specially, many sellers have not clear enough to assess the self-supporting number, and always think that self-supporting is a machine brush. In fact, both have a big difference, this evaluation service provider is a door clear.
The so-called machine brush is a machine brush, and the machine brush is fully automated registration browsing order. When writing scripts, you may also set up those actions, simulate real people’s evaluation, but the machine is a machine after all. The script is set, all the behavior of all numbers is also consistent, without any differentiation. Now the big data platform is not working, and it can be detected in minutes. Once detected, the direct large area seal.
The evaluation self-supporting number is manual operation. When the environment is built, the technology is used to use technology accurate simulation to foreign local environment, manual registration order, in accordance with real shopping habits, the goods will be preserved, so that it can be safe and stable. And used true foreign servers and foreign real home residential IP. Therefore, as long as the technology is hard enough, the registered information is ensured that the number of self-renovation accounts with extremely low sealing rates is easy to implement.
The evaluation is self-supporting, regardless of account weight, quality, security, and control is very ideal, even if it is said that the real-world evaluation of the market is now. At this stage, the real personnel assess some account weights may not have high-ranking weights, and many of them are professional development. And safety is not much more, no matter whether the store is safe and the scales are not worried, after all, the pureness of the account is clear. Many sellers should have also experienced events that have been evaluated.
The assessment of self-supporting technology is a very cumbersome, and also need technical thresholds, and we need rich experience and technology. Buyers account correlation, network environment pollution, etc., will result in a new number of accounts, so there will be an account distribution rate during the construction number. However, the high and low of the ratios is directly determined by the strength of the technology. As Amazon’s share of the global e-commerce market is growing, the assessment team will be more and more, and the numerous assessment will be more and more.
We have been evaluated for four or five years, especially to our own store, the environmental safety, the number of accounts of the account, the number of orders, how to safely market, how to control how the store is advertised, the whole set process and The system must be, not a blind player.