If the small partners want to do business online, consider domestic platforms, or consider cross-border e-commerce platforms. The cross-border platform is headed by shrimp, Amazon, Lazada. Someone asked, Shrimp skin and Lazada are still doing now? The following Star III E-commerce Xiaobian will tell. I. Lazada and Shopee starting point, Different Lazada in 2012, headquartered in Singapore, business scope covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries, covering approximately 500 million consumers. In March 2018, Ali added 2 billion US dollars in investment, holding up to 83%, Peng Lei as chairman, Lazada completely became Ali platform, instead of the speed of selling Southeast Asian market. In March 2018, Lazada also announced in Shenzhen to set up an office Techhub. In 2009, Tianjin Li Xiaodong founded the game company Garena in Singapore. In 2017, the company was renamed Seagroup, and in the same year, the first Southeast Asian technology company listed on the New Trading Center. After 6 years, SEA entered the e-commerce field in 2015, launched a full-class e-commerce platform Shopee. In the first quarter of 2018 and the second quarter, Shopee’s GMV was $ 1.9 billion and $ 2.2 billion, respectively. Among them, the GMV of Shoppe in the first half of 2018 has reached the 2017 annual level, and the growth is very rapid. (What is the concept of this sales, have a chance to make a comparison with you?
Second, Lazada and Shopee flow flat autumn, market and users high overlap
1, without Taiwan, the overall flow of Lazada is larger; 3, Lazada has begun the “six sites” plans and have operational background, and all sites will communicate. Overall, the two major platforms of Lazada and Shopee have their own characteristics, but behind the lazada, Ali’s funds and technologies are supported by cross-border sellers to focus on platform selection. Third, Lazada and Shopee brand strategy have different two platforms, Lazada is more inclined to walk high-end image routes, and more attach great importance to booting the seller to highlight their own brands, emphasize the professional norms of pictures, in the brand strategy style and AliExpress Similar. Shopee’s brand strategy is more like domestic Taobao, walking the C-shop route, more highlighting the price advantage of the product, the form of the picture is diverse (many have a lot of watermarks and irregular puzzles). Overall, shrimp skin and lazada are still doing well. If it is a newcomer to do cross-border, I recommend Shopee platform, because the traffic is greatest, and the difficulty of shrimp skin is relatively low, and the background is a Chinese interface.