Xiamen “seek the sky” is a cross-border company that has tens of thousands of local stores. The company seeks to cross-border network, starting in 2014, is an online B2B platform of many small and medium-sized suppliers in China, which is a large number of foreign countries. SMEs are effective in providing procurement services to all-weather international online wholesale trading platforms. Has a multi-site integrated service solves your shipping return question, to determine the seller of Southeast Asian e-commerce, all site stores, you choose.
Google, Temasek, Bern, Jointly released [E-conomysea2021], which is 2021 Southeast Asian Internet economic report, which is fully meticulously analyzed Southeast Asian e-commerce, financial services, online tourism, takeaway, audio-visual entertainment and other industries development status and future. The report shows that the number of Internet users in Southeast Asia continues to climb, 2021, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have added 40 million Internet users, making the total number of 440 million, accounting for 75% of the total population of six people. 80% of these users have online shopping behavior, that is, at least the e-commerce platform (website) has purchased a product. Among them, this number of Singapore is the highest, 97%; the Philippines is the lowest, 68%.
It should be noted that these online shopping behaviors are not one-time phenomenon, but will continue to develop.
Data show that 90% of people in digital services in 2020 have been used in 2021, because their consumption has been deeply influenced and changed.
It can be said that Southeast Asia is moving in full speed. Since the start of COVID-19, it has added 60 million new digital consumers to the Internet economy. In the first half of 2021, there will be 20 million people. Among them, 2020 to 2021, the increase in Internet users in Thailand and the Philippines were the highest, 19% and 20%, respectively. It is 16% higher than the regional average.
In terms of Internet economic revenue, although flexibility in 2020, it has been revived in 2021 and continues to advance, and it is expected to reach $ 174 billion at the end of 2021, and the forecast before 2025 breakthrough, reaching $ 363 billion.
Among them, this number of the Indonesia market is $ 70 billion and $ 146 billion, respectively; Malaysia is $ 21 billion and $ 35 billion; the Philippines is $ 17 billion and $ 40 billion; Singapore is $ 15 billion and $ 27 billion; Thailand is $ 30 billion and $ 56 billion; Vietnam is $ 21 billion and $ 57 billion.
Southeast Asian Internet segmentation industry, e-commerce is still the biggest growth momentum and may have continued until 2030. Enchanting in Southeast Asia now! ! !
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