After making Lazada has an order, the Lazada seller will prepare the goods in time. If there is no platform requirements, then the order will be canceled.
After receiving the buyer’s order, the Lazada seller will prepare the goods in time. If there is no platform requirements, then the order is canceled; the order cancellation rate is too high, and there will be other penalties. Therefore, everyone must understand what is clear about Lazada delivery rules.
1. Delivery rules: Like the buyer order, the seller wants to turn the order status into “Readytoship” within 48 hours, otherwise the order will be canceled, and the specific time effect has these:
After the buyer places it, the seller wants to handle the order within 48 hours, and the status is to “Readytoship” (excluding Saturday Sunday and the legal public holiday); after filling in the logistics single number, logistics information is updated within 48 hours. Otherwise, if the logistics single number cannot be tracked, Lazada may cancel the order. The goods should be reached within 5 days, otherwise the order will also be canceled. 2, package rules: First, the parcel should match: weight limit ≤ 20kg, size length + wide + high ≤ 300cm, the package is limited to transport goods, is intercepted, followed by pay attention to the wrap. The domestic segment package can put multiple orders, but each order needs to be packaged, because Lazada does not support sellers, even two orders, even the same customers, and two orders. pack. Also pay attention to the package must seal the bag or packaging box, and damage is not warehousing. 3, label rules: Lazada delivery is required to have two labels of logistics matches and invoices. Among them, the logistics surface is outside the package, and the invoice is placed in the package. If it is logistics transportation, then there must be a domestic courier bag and attach the domestic freight on the domestic freight, which means two layers, because the warehouse will tear open Packaging the logistics face inside, and will not be packaged. At the same time, make sure the label cannot be damaged, need to be a readable bar code, readable transport information, otherwise it will be returned. 4, the final seller also ensures that the information of the package does not have errors, missing, such as missing or missing sender information, error, or lacking product value, lack of product description, etc., these is also lazada for shipping package condition. Because Lazada has only LGS a delivery rule, the requirements for sellers are also stricter, so everyone must understand clear lazada delivery requirements, avoid because they can not be stored, affect their delivery, bringing not The necessary effects, which will also result in the case where the order is canceled, so be sure to pay attention.
The above is about the rules of lazada delivery, where the shrimp skin cloud warehouse lazada freight forwards specially reminds new hands, there must be a certain order, otherwise the order is easily canceled by the platform.