The logistics of export goods is implemented in the “second level”. The merchant goods in the local warehousing is free, providing a selection strategy that meets the local market demand … On July 21, Lazada has introduced overseas warehouse exports to domestic SMEs dominate the Indonesian market. policy.
Since Alibaba launched the “Spring Thunder Plan” in April this year, Lazada launched a support policy for reducing shipping, logistics speed, new business incubation. In July, with the implementation of the new policy of cross-border exports, Lazada used the LGF overseas (Lazadaglobalfulfillment) model in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other markets, which launched targeted special export policies.
(Lazada Indonesia Overseas Maritime)
As the country in Southeast Asia, the new emerging e-commerce market in Indonesia is huge. Indonesian consumers prefer China’s 3C and home appliances, like sweeping robots, coffee machines, dehumidifiers such as small household appliances such as flat-screen TVs grow very quickly.
To this end, Lazada provides a targeted selection strategy for domestic merchants. Shenzhen Sweeping Robot Brand Ilife Spare goods in June this year to Indonesian overseas warehouses, monthly sales million.
Reducing costs and increasing efficiency have always been the most important proposition of the inner small and medium-sized enterprises. Lazada implements the preferential policy of 0 warehouses in Indonesia. All domestic business commodities enter the Indonesian overseas warehouse free storage. This preferential policy will last at least to this year. end.
With the official implementation of the Cross-border Export B2B of the Customs, the General Administration of the General Administration of Customs, Lazadalgf overseas, the domestic SME commodity is sent to Indonesian overseas warehouses, simplifies the declaration, convenient clearance, customs clearance time from an average of two days to “to” Second “, export logistics achieves high speed. More than half a month, there have been hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses to experience the “second clearance” of the LGF mode.
Solving the advancement of premium, the overseas warehouse for fast delivery is an effective model that improves timeliness, and is also an innovative project of national key encouragement. LGF is a new overseas warehouse network, which is the hub of China, Southeast Asia, in Southeast Asia, in Southeast Asia, is a new overseas warehouse network in Southeast Asia.
LGF is a domestic seller exports to Southeast Asia’s universal choice of overseas warehouse, realizing commodity storage, picking, packaging, delivery, and distribution of goods. At present, Lazada has deployed overseas warehouse models in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, providing cross-border warehousing services for domestic merchants.