This article is the servant of Lazada operator service providers to introduce Lazada Hot Products – How does lazada choose? Three points by selecting, seven points and rely. How to choose, how to choose the most headache of the seller. Choosing hot-selling products means more browsing and more sales opportunities. Lazada is known as Amazon in Southeast Asia, also known as Jingdong Mall in Southeast Asia. It is a preferred platform for many cross-border sellers into the Southeast Asian market. So, what product is best sold on Lazada?
On the Lazada platform, women’s clothing, accessories (such as sunglasses, necklaces, watches, earrings, etc.), beauty, maternal and baby, shoes, bags, 3c accessories and home products are treated. Indonesia Indonesia is especially important in the Southeast Asian market. Indonesians specialize in novel and unique, colorful costumes, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins. Among them, the best selling is a necklace and glasses. In addition to the unique shape, golden and sparkling items are the eternal favorite of the Indonesian people. For Southeast Asians, sunglasses may be a necessity of life, not simple ornaments.
In addition, in recent years, Indonesian smart machine has soared, it is worth noting. Thailand
Thailand is a fashion apparel, and there are more countries selling more goods, especially the bag, is quite hot in Thailand. Thai consumers like to purchase fashion products in social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Because the fashion brand on social media is more trendless than fashion products on the general e-commerce website, the design is more personal and more attractive. In the top 10 items of Thai online consumption behavior And baby products, electronic products can increase by 16%; large-scale event tickets can increase by 15%; hobby leisure products, such as sports equipment, toys, collections, art, health and beauty products, and tourism and travel products, all Can grow 14%; suits, shoes and fashion products, can also grow 11%. In addition, Thai favorite packaging colors are golden yellow and saturated rainbow colors.
Malaysian maternal and child products have a growth explosive force in the Malaysian e-commerce market. 2015 Malaysia’s first major e-commerce platform Lazada’s top five hot products are: diapers, mobile power, juice machines, food containers, with-to-play. Among them, the diapers sold in Malaysia account for 4% -5% of the total sales volume of Malaysia. Singapore has grown in the number of online shoppers in Singapore, more and more Singaporeans begin to turn to the use of the network to buy home products and life necessities, including food groceries. From age, the Philippines is located between the Philippines’ online consumption, between 26 and 35 years old, more young people, of which 56% is 56%, and the proportion of men is 44%. Affected by the local environment of the Philippines, women in the Philippines are more preferred, whitening, weight loss and increased quality, and the temperature is high in the Philippines, which is easy to sweat, so the fragrance to cover the fragrance is also relatively bestselled.